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We all welcome rains with love as we all are emotionally connected with this season. Rains are God’s gift for many people. This means burning heat is on break for 4 months. But in this weather you puddle in muddy water and it is nothing worse than walking and running wet and squishy shoes.

For this you need a good quality pair of shoes that are waterproofed; this helps you to enjoy your day comfortably. Now you might be thinking how will you recognise waterproof shoes and which material is good. We are here to help you out through this article to select the best pair of waterproof shoes.

At the same time you must be thinking How do these waterproof shoes work? How do these shoes prevent water from seeping inside the shoes?

We all know the fact that our feet sweat in summer seasons and if your shoes are tight and unbreathable, then it will keep your feet wet the whole day but there are people whose feet sweat during winter seasons also that makes their feet cold and comfortable. So it’s very important for manufacturers to make sure their shoes are both waterproof and breathable. In today’s modern era businesses have achieved a unique combination by using high tech technologies in their shoes.

There are two layers present in shoes:

Outer layer
This layer you see on the outside and it protects your feet directly from the environment and this layer has to face a lot of harsh conditions. In waterproof shoes this layer is water repellent to prevent water from seeping inside shoes.

This is one of the important layers that keep your feet dry in harsh conditions; this membrane uses an innovative technology that helps to keep water away from the insides of the shoes. As this layer has tiny pores that are small that prevent water from seeping into the shoes. These pores allow water vapor to pass from the insides to the outside surroundings. This layer is thoroughly treated with oil to maintain its water resistance for a long time; this helps your feet to remain dry and breathe.

Materials used in waterproof shoes?
Whenever we go to the market to buy shoes for us, you will find a variety of waterproofing materials and from all this how will you recognise which one is best for your needs.

Some best waterproof materials are:
Gore- Tex

This is a popular name in the world of the waterproof industry and this waterproof membrane is founded in the 1960s and introduced in the late 1970s. It quickly gained popularity and outdoor gear brands started using this material for their shoes and jackets. This material contains many microscopic pores to offer breathability and protection to shoes. It even keeps your feet dry by letting water vapor escape your shoes; these are even windproof, light weight and sustainable.

Synthetic leather
Natural leather worsen with water exposure and needs constant care; people choose synthetic leather and it is perfect for you if you select leather styled shoes with the water resistance benefit. This even requires less caring and offers high durability.

Rubbers are mostly used for producing the soles in waterproof shoes as it protects your feet and offers flexibility. They are cheaper and provide excellent grip both inside and outside.

This material is introduced in the 1930s and used mostly in swimwear for high water resistance.

How can you choose the right waterproof shoes?
Before investing a lot of money in waterproof shoes it is important to know the difference between the types of shoes and it’s also vital to select best that suit your demand. Hers is a list of different types of waterproof shoes:

Chukka boots
These are low rise and strong shoes that help your feet all the time but all chukka boots are not waterproof. So it is important to check the material.

Overshoes are also called Galoshes and made up of rubber or PVC & contain non skidding traction soles. This helps them to remain stable and safe from slipping in rain water.

Rain boots
This is perfect for you if you like to walk through puddles and wet grounds & roads. You can find these shoes in two sizes, one up to you calves or another one till your ankles.

Duck boots
Duck boots are a combination of regular and main boots that are designed for all sorts of wet conditions. The bottom part is waterproof and includes molded rubber soles and shoes. This type of shoes keeps your feet safe from dampness and water splashes.

Waterproof shoes are life saving for the rainy season and it’s important to choose the right shoes for your need and make sure you always research before investing in a pair. Our Soles is the best place to buy this water proof shoes and this article must have eased your query regarding high quality shoes.

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