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You’re considered high-quality in duos in the event that you can consistently get sub 8, which is best 500 if I am being generous, together with being average at like 10 mins. Nevertheless, the top 20 individuals with the identical gear and invent setups get sub-par always because they OSRS buy gold can skip mechanics through tight dps tests, which jump like 20 minutes or so at one time, while top 100 people get like 6:30 kills. In OS on the flip side, I had been nowhere near the top end automatically. I had been so bad that I could not do 4:0 olm, that was meta back after I played years ago idk now using a 4 way switch. But I wasn’t too much off the maximum eff players. It is easier to push yourself to be the best when little optimisations can bypass entire mechanics than a few minutes basically.

Bosses in RS3 are an amazing experience. I wish OSRS would do some thing with barrows in precisely the same way RS3 did. Rots is my favourite team based action in any game I’ve ever played. It is just so enjoyable.

RS3 plays more like a better match whilst OSRS is still more sandboxy and much more simply a clicker. For all its’ probles RS3 has some rather good and advanced content as reworks and ability alternatives. PvM and quests got a whole lot more love and it is no longer a catasrophe, in the event that you can enjoy EoC. The issue lies in MTX and only designing about it. Kind of a lot of people say if you’re an OSRS player who wants to play RS3 you iron and should play since it avoids some of the issues.

1 thing that they did well but felt a bit overdone for me after some time was set systems to add to the comments. OSRS hasn’t done that type of thing just as much and it was nice to have ranges of birds or stone or whatnot alongside fresh areas. The difficulty was just like every upgrade brought one or two of these to the point it felt like padding and busywork to keep endgame players busy in place of real content. Still, they have done those sorts of collectables. I don’t have to say graphics, but yah, images. Mainly the enviorments; a few places just look awesome.

Same for its reworks of areas; while I do not think that sort of stuff would work for OSRS, the reimagining of areas like Catherby felt perfect to get a revised version of this old game. And while I really do love the OSRS Quests and believe they could stand on par with RS3, a few RS3 quests are really good. Though this is juxtaposed by quests that are meh, but the good ones like the reworked Rune Mysteries and Lord of all Vampyrium are not just amazing RuneScape quests but I would say that they stand out as only memorable gaming narratives generally (a few old/OSRS quests could do so too ).

I say there is a big difference merely the players’ mindset. The OSRS team really needs to make sure new approaches are balanced and dont devalue the original procedures. In rs 3 gold any update that makes anything quicker appears to be more welcome. In OSRS together with the home revamp its really important to balance the methods that are newest so good houses dont become a cakewalk for.