iBoysoft Drive Manager Review

iBoysoft Drive Manager Review: An Effective NTFS Driver and a Drive Management Tool for Mac

Most portable storage media, such as USB flash drives, SD cards, memory sticks, SSD and external hard drives, will come in FAT32 or exFAT file system when people purchase them, but many people will reformat them into NTFS to take advantage of NTFS’s excellent security, fast read-write speed, encryption feature and better large disk support etc. There is no doubt that using NTFS in Windows platform is the best choice. 

However, using NTFS drives on Mac is a different story. The files on NTFS-formatted drives will appear read-only or locked. That is to say, all files will be non-editable. They cannot be deleted, moved around and renamed. Even worse, other files cannot be moved onto the NTFS drives at all. 

In addition, people who are using Boot Camp, a built-in utility on Mac to let users switch between Windows and macOS, will find themselves in need of NTFS write support too, when they need to transfer files between the Mac and Windows partition.

Luckily, software like iBoysoft Drive Manager comes for help. 

About iBoysoft Drive Manager

iBoysoft Drive Manager is a very effective NTFS for Mac driver to enable NTFS write support in macOS. Any storage media formatted with Windows NTFS file system is supported, including external hard drives, SD cards, pen drives and memory sticks.

How it works to mount NTFS drives in read-write mode?

This software is amazingly easy to install and use. Follow the 3-step instruction below:

  1. Download and install iBoysoft Drive Manager on the Mac. 

It is the same process as you download any software to your Mac. After the installation completes, you will see an icon at the top right menu bar. 

  1. Connect the NTFS drives to the Mac.
  1. Read-write to the NTFS drive. 

The NTFS drives will be mounted in read-write mode automatically in the Finder. You can make any changes to the existing files on the NTFS drive or save new files to it as you like.

Other key features: iBoysoft Drive Manager

External drives management – mount and unmount external drives with one click

I have multiple removable drives for separate use. I used to connect them one by one to the Mac and unplug them one by one to avoid mistaken deletion. It is annoying when I need to switch back and forth among multiple drives. Thankfully, iBoysoft Drive Manager has the feature to mount and unmount USB flash drives, SD cards, memory sticks and external hard drives with one click. After I am done with work, I can unmount them altogether with one click as well. It is not an eye-catching feature but a feature that does make a difference to improve the efficiency. 

More file systems supported – not just an NTFS drive manager

Other than NTFS file system, this program supports all other widely-used file systems including APFS, HFS+, HFS, FAT, FAT32 and exFAT. That is to say, you can manage any type of storage device with any file system in one place. Impressive, uh?

Network drives management – connect and disconnect network drives with one click


A network drive is storage space on a local access network to store and share files without taking the computer disk space. With iBoysoft Drive Manager, you can manually add network drives by providing server address, user name and password. They will be mapped as local drives and look like physical portable drives connected to the Mac, which makes it easier to access them especially when you have multiple network drives to manage.

Automatically remount and eject – better protect the data and drives

I often have to deal with some phone calls or other business in middle of working on the computer but I don’t want to shut down my computer. In fact, leaving external drives connected to a computer during restart or wake-up process can damage the disks. This software will safely eject the connected external drives when the Mac is going to sleep and remount them when the computer wakes up. What’s more, iBoysoft Drive Manager will automatically disconnect and reconnect all network drives when the Mac sleeps and wakes up. 

Customizable settings – set up personal drive mounting options

When you click the menu button at the top-down interface of iBoysoft Drive Manager and choose Preferences, you will be led to “General”, “Notifications” and “Advanced” settings. All settings are checked by default, but you can change the settings to meet your needs best. For example, you can uncheck the option “Automatically mount NTFS drive in read-write mode” under Advanced, and then you manually mount NTFS drives in read-write mode only when you want to write to them.

Tech specification and technical support

iBoysoft Drive Manager is fully compatible with Mac desktops and laptops running macOS 10.14 (Mojave), macOS 10.13(High Sierra), macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks0, 10.9 (Mountain Lion) and 10.7 (Lion). 

Upon purchase, you will get free and timely technical support as well as lifetime free upgrade. 

Enjoy 20% discount 

If you are an academic user such as a student, a faculty, or a teacher of an educational institution, or you are a member of a non-profit organization or a government department, iBoysoft would like to offer 20% discount prior to your purchase by contacting the iBoysoft’s sales team. They will walk you through the process and offer you a 20% coupon code.


People may ask why not back up the data on the NTFS drives and reformat them into FAT or exFAT to solve the incompatibility problem. Well, I have approximately 4 TB data on each of my two Seagate hard drives which were reformatted into NTFS, and it will take a long time to back up the data, reformat the disks and restore the data. On the other hand, I don’t have another drive large enough for the data backup. 

If you are one of the people facing the same situation like me, an NTFS driver for Mac is a nice option. You can manage multiple NTFS drives together and use them freely on a Mac.

Moreover, iBoysoft Drive Manager improves the efficiency to manage external drives and simplifies the access to network drives. It should be a make-life-easier tool on your Mac you cannot miss. 



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