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Importance of cuboid annotation in real-life scenarios

One of the most important processes is the 3D cuboid image annotation approach, which aids robots in recognizing all three dimensions of things. This image annotation method is used to recognize objects in more detail, which aids in the training of the 3D visual perception model.

It entails using high-quality labeling and a marking approach to highlight things in three-dimensional drawing forms. It aids in calculating the depth or distance of various things such as gadgets, buildings, and cars, as well as identifying the volume and space of the object in people. Construction and building structural disciplines, as well as radiology imaging in medical areas, employ 3D cuboid annotation.

Cuboids are similar to bounding boxes annotation. This additional dimension present in cuboid annotation improves the object’s intricacy, allowing aspects like volume to be factored in. This form of annotation is used to tell the distance between objects in self-driving automobiles.

The working of 3D cuboid image annotation

Through Computer Vision, 3D cuboid annotation makes interior items identifiable to AI perception models. To create a 3D simulated situation for Computer Vision, images collected by 2D cameras are annotated in the third dimension. As a result, it can identify interior things with precise dimensions and characteristics. 3D Cuboid Annotation, which annotates your two-dimensional photos with projections of cuboids containing things such as automobiles, trucks, people, traffic cones, and so on, is one of the primary services Anolytics offer under Image annotation services.

In this, the annotator creates a box around the item of interest, with anchor points at each of its edges. If an edge is absent or obstructed by another item, the annotator uses the properties of the object and the angle of the image to guess where the edge could be. This estimation/ annotation is critical for determining the object’s distance from the automobile based on depth and determining the volume and position of the item.

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Use cases in real scenarios

  • Drawing 3D cuboids over mailboxes or garbage cans on the road allowing automobiles to exactly park by the lanes is an intriguing use case.
  • Cuboid Annotation is widely used to educate robots in a variety of sectors, including automotive, warehousing, and others. It aids in the development of improved perception models, allowing robots to operate constantly without the need for human intervention or assistance. The perception of robots and drone footage is aided by 3D Cuboid Annotation of pictures recorded from 2D cameras, which has applications in a variety of disciplines.
  • Identifying Objects in the Home: The 3D cuboid annotated pictures may be used to create a model perception for detecting interior items. This aids in the development of in-depth object recognition skills in your Computer Vision models. Cuboid Annotation aids in the precise and high-quality identification of indoor objects such as couches, tables, and other furniture.
  • Robotics are trained using 3D cuboid annotation in a variety of industries, including e-commerce and the automobile industry. For autonomous cars, Cuboid Annotation is mostly used to identify vehicle movement and size. It assists self-driving automobiles in calculating the distance between each barrier and the vehicle. For successful initiatives like the autonomous project, Learning Spiral provides data annotation services, including cuboid annotation.

Final Words

Cuboid Annotation is one of the most essential forms of image annotation, and it’s required for several crucial AI projects. We at Anolytics are the best place to outsource your training data requirement. Apart from cuboid annotations, Anolytics data annotation team is capable of drawing bounding boxes, polygons, image classification/tagging, text annotation, data annotation & labeling, 3D annotation, semantic segmentation, 3D LIDAR Annotation, autonomous vehicle, tagging, etc. When our clients outsource annotation services from us, they obtain a low-cost data labeling solution that helps them get the most out of their project.


Anolytics offers data, image, text and video annotation service for computer vision and machine learning process. Companies working on AI-based machine learning technologies and looking to develop a fully-functional model can get high quality annotated image and text data here with complete security. and privacy with cost-effective pricing as per needs.

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