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Data has been recognized as the most important asset in this era of digitalization. With the advent of new internet users across the world every day, the size of global data is increasing. Organizations try to collect data relevant to their business or commercial activities. Collected data has been transformed into systematic order so that you can make sense out of the collected data. For example, data collected from the internet is available in coded formats. For a general computer user, it is not easy to understand anything from that data. When data is served in a structured format, you can analyze and take crucial decisions based on the data.

Data visualization is a technique to make data available in a readable format. Visualization tools can create charts and graphs so that understanding trends gets easier. Such visual representation helps to read data in a more meaningful way. As a result, the decision-making process becomes more accurate. The business that can take accurate decisions at the right time always enjoys a better chance for shining. For data visualization and charting, WPF Gauge and many other applications have been used. Here is a guide to those tools.

1. WPForms

Using WPForms is a common thing for data analysts. It is convenient to use, as it comes with a user-friendly interface. The best thing is that you do not need to have the technical knowledge or programming skills for using this tool. You can easily avail of this tool on your WordPress website through the WPForms Word press plug-in. You shall be able to see summarized survey results and charts with this WordPress plug-in. Everything will happen automatically, and thus it will save a lot of time for you.

2. Visualizer

This is another popular table and chart managing plug-in for WordPress. You shall get survey data in graphs and charts. As a result, the interpretation of data will become easier. Moreover, it offers various features and options for customization of data presentation. You can edit the charts and graphs easily on this plug-in. It supports a responsive user-interface. As a result, you can check the graphs and tables through any kind of device.

3. Salesforce

This is a popular data visualization tool for enterprises that want to visualize sales data and trends in a more systematic manner. It has a robust reporting feature. Sales executives can report sales and customer experiences. Based on the data from the executives, the tool will show you data in graphs and tables. Based on such structured visual data, you shall be able to understand trends of buying and selling. Good data interpretation reveals the preferences of the consumers. Understanding consumer needs and making the changes accordingly will help your business to flourish. Small yet critical changes to the products or services will fetch better feedback from the buyers.

4. Zoho Survey

If you are seeking more control and customization features on your business survey reports, Zoho Survey is the ideal tool for you. It has a responsive user interface. Thus, you can access the tool from any devices that you use. From small to large scale businesses, different organizations use this tool for data visualization support. Being poised with many customization features, this tool has become an obvious choice among the data analysts.

5. Sisense

This is another well-known tool for data visualization. It has a detailed data analytics dashboard. The dashboard comes with various features and customization options. You can create charts and tables in seconds. You can prepare demographic survey reports with ease. The tool is easy to use, and it makes data visualization more user-friendly. When data is represented in a more interactive way, it becomes easier for organizations to make crucial decisions based on the data.

For creating WPF graphs and charts, it is essential to use a reliable tool. WPF Gauge and many other tools as mentioned above are there. Professional data analysts prefer using these tools for seamless and interactive data visualization support.

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