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“Erectile dysfunction” is a symptom peculiar to men, Super P Force and is also called “ED: Erectile Dysfunction” or “erection dysfunction.” It refers to a state that does not last.

It estimated that there are more than 10 million ED patients in Japan, and there is data that about 30% of couples have ED experience.

If you become an ED, you will not have satisfactory sexual activity, and it will be a problem that involves your partner. It can be one of male infertility.

A healthy erection is signaled by the brain due to sexual arousal, is transmitted from the nerve to the penis, activates blood flow to the arteries in the cavernous body of the penis, and becomes erected.

Causes of ED roughly divided into Super p Force psychogenic and organic, but the two may be combined.

If psychogenic

This is a case where masturbation is possible, but the partner’s relationship cannot be made well. Trauma and anxiety in sexual activity in the past or feeling pressure for pregnancy may be the cause.

If organic

Cerebrovascular disorders such as hypertension, spinal cord injuries, arteriosclerosis, vascular lesions due Super p Force to diabetes and trauma, malformation of phimosis and urethra, etc.

Lifestyle may also affect ED.

If the corpus cavernosum has poor blood circulation, or if signals from the brain due to sexual arousal not transmitted well, functional deterioration due to aging, mental stress or trauma, lifestyle disorder, tobacco and illness, alcohol, obesity, The side effects of drugs may also affect you.

Also, one of the causes recently cited is “toothpaste.” It has started to say that skipping tooth brushing increases the risk of ED.

A 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association of 33,000 ED patients and 162,000 non-ED patients reported a 9% prevalence of periodontal disease in non-ED patients than the periodontal disease prevalence rate was 27%, which was a big difference.

It believed that the periodontal bacteria Super p Force caused impaired blood circulation to the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

It also said that people who often have diarrhea are more likely to have erectile dysfunction.

It is also said to be due to menopausal disorders in men (hormone balance and disturbance of autonomic nerves).

Also, scientific evidence shows that a lack of zinc reduces libido, and diet needs to be changed. It is important to note that eating much bread and instant foods makes it difficult for zinc to absorbed by the body.

Zinc contained in milk, eggs, beans, etc., but it said that oysters, Japanese beef shoulder lean, lamb shoulder, pork liver, squid, eel kabayaki, pork shoulder loin lean have a high zinc content. I told.

However, overeating may increase uric acid levels and lead to hyperlipidemia, so it is crucial to eat well.

This disease can trigger ED |Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, spinal cord injury, trauma, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Kleinfelter syndrome, congenital/acquired hypogonadism, thyroid disease, pituitary gland diseases, side effects of drugs, postoperative diseases, trauma, Peyronie’s disease, received penile cord, hypospadias, age, etc.

ED improvement exercises At the hospital

In the hospital, if the illness is ill, the disease is cured, and recovery is promoted, Super P Force and if it is psychogenic, it treated in a psychosomatic department.

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The current mainstream is also the administration of ED therapeutic agents as drug therapy. Some drugs promote penile vasodilation. There seems to be another method to maintain an erection by using a brace.

At Nishinomiya Kotoen Seitaiin HAL | Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

In this hospital, if it is not due to illness or psychogenic, the pelvis’s sacrum, the skull, and the internal organs are mainly adjusted to correct skeleton, Fildena 100mg ,dura, fascia, nerve compression, blood circulation, etc. I will return to the state and aim for recovery.

Stress on the stomach and intestines such as gastroptosis, gastritis, and reflux esophagitis causes the stomach to stiffen, and the stomach and large intestine descend, compressing the anterior longitudinal ligament and puborectal muscles and losing flexibility and erectile power weakening. It can also consider.

who do not wish to take medication, or who want to regain energy in a couple’s life, why not try this hospital.

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However, it is also necessary for the person himself to make efforts. If he/she smokes, drinks a lot of alcohol, or has a disturbed lifestyle, it is essential to quit smoking or correct his lifestyle.

Also, as can be said for both men and women, some doctors say that if the pubic bone has poor flexibility and movement, it is likely to cause infertility and ED. Vigora 100 and Fildena 50 Therefore, to improve the pubic bones’ actions from day to day, please try to walk with stride. Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, did you find it useful?

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