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What is this world without the fragrance of books, the wisdom of authors and the magnificence of literature? Integrate your bookstore- These gems make the world, a better place and how!

The art of reading and writing is a gift. If you are harnessing these gifts and sharing it with others, take a bow! You are breaking the monotony of the mechanical world with your creative endeavors.

However, to keep the torch fueled and ignited, you need to adapt to the technological changes happening around you at huge pace. The growing influence of mobile technology has made it mandatory for every industry to tap into the mCommerce market.

People in the literary business are making efforts to turn their WordPress site into a mobile app. They are investing a lot of efforts, money and time for the sake of it.

But you can do it the smarter way! Stay tuned and learn how you can create one app to organize and manage your bookstore, literary club and the authors community.

Three in one and lot more!

With the right approach and technology, you can build an inclusive app that caters to all your literary brand needs. Wholesome, integrated and affordable solutions like AppMySite DIY mobile app creator, can help you achieve it all.

You can create an app that your consumers can use to:

  • Read regular blogs, e-magazines, e-books, scholarly papers, and more
  • Buy books or accessories like fancy bookmarks, book covers, merchandize, etc.
  • Interact with literature loving people including authors, readers, publishers, and more

As discussed above you can ace all the three requirements with one solution. Let’s discover how you can master each arena with minimal efforts. 

1. Create and manage a reading portal

As you convert your WordPress website into an app, you can integrate all your CMS pages and blogs. The app remains in sync with the website and all the content populates on the app automatically. You can also publish regular posts and keep the users’ feed active.

As you get a native app that is fast and responsive, you are also able to adapt to your users’ devices. Track their preferences and customize the app design, content and layout to make it reader-friendly. 

 2. Build a social community forum

People associated with the literary world, love to interact with authors publishers and like-minded literature lovers. You can provide them with a tool that allows them to connect with you and other people globally.

Integrate your social media pages, accounts and channels and facilitate communication. Build community discussion forums and organize regular events and activities within the app, to keep your users entertained. 

 3. Sell products and earn revenue

Besides implementing in-app monetization techniques, you can also create a robust revenue channel by selling products on your app. You can sell books and e-books, accessories and merchandize, and even enable paid subscriptions for earning pecuniary profits.

You will just need to integrate a WooCommerce mobile app plugin and you can turn your app into a mobile store. Enable people to add, buy and pay for endless products and get them delivered with few clicks. Broaden the scope of your brand and grow unprecedently. 

Build your brand with a premium mobile app!

By creating an app for your literary website, you will be able to channelize your branding and marketing efforts. An app marks a 360-degree presence of your brand and boosts its value.

Tapping into this mobile market can be beneficial for your pocket, and for your popularity. Integrate your bookstore- AppMySite is the best WooCommerce app builder for Android and iOS, that can enable and empower you to achieve this feat.

All you need is to sign up, and you can proceed to build and publish your app instantly. You can also go through AppMySite blogs and increase your knowledge about mobile app building, marketing, branding, monetization, and more.

There’s ‘literally’ no reason for you to wait now! So, go ahead and let the magic happen. Create a wholesome app and establish your brand in the mobile world. Get going now! Did you find this ‘Integrate your bookstore’ article useful?

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