Interesting Facts About Chicken Eggs

Hens can differentiate between good and bad eggs

Hens have the ability to take good from the bad eggs probably due to their ultraviolet vision. They remove the weaker eggs from the next and focus more on the strong ones as they will be more likely to survive.

Chicken egg is a miracle in a small packet

The egg contains everything a chick will need to grow and develop over the following period. A regular sized egg contains 5 grams of fat, 7 grams of protein and various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that are required to create and sustain life which it can very well do for approximately 22 to 23 days. The chick gradually absorbs this broth over the next 20 or so days when it will hatch.

Hens talk to their hatch-lings through the shell

Hens continuously trill and coo every day without fail to their eggs, especially when they are near the hatching time when the chicks will coo back at them.

Some people fear to find an egg when they crack open an egg

When you order fresh chicken online or buy them from the supermarket, you will have a fear of finding a chick when you break the open egg which is completely natural. For the same reason, all the eggs are checked by inspectors for any flaws and defects by candling the eggs and discarding the ones that are unsightly.

Freshly laid eggs have a temperature of 40.5 degree Celsius

Once the egg is laid, it cools rapidly. If the hen is sitting on the eggs, it will ensure to keep the temperature between 37.5 to 39 degrees Celsius so that the chicks develop. The hen will regularly turn them not to let the chick stick to the membrane and also to ensure equal heating. Sometimes, they also pluck their breast feathers to keep the chicks close to them.

How to check the egg’s fertility

There are two ways to check if the egg is fertile or not. Firstly, look for the bulls-eye when you crack open the egg.

All eggs have a small pale circle in the yolk which is called as the blastoff (genetic material from the hen). The roosters’ genetic material will be included in the disc, if the egg is fertilized,  making it a blaster. The disc will take on the appearance of a bulls-eye.

The second method is to candle the egg; this way, you will not have to waste them. However, it is unlikely to anything before the 3rd day at the earliest.

After the rooster and hen mating, it takes about seven to ten days for the eggs to be fertile.

A hen produces fertile eggs for up to twenty-one days after one mating session

A hen can store a roosters’ sperm in little pockets inside her egg canal for almost a month. However, the fertility of the produced eggs starts to diminish after the tenth day.

Chickens do not need a rooster to lay eggs

Yes, chickens do not necessarily require roosters to lay eggs. However, if roosters come into play, more fertile eggs will be produced. You can buy natural chicken eggs online.


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