IObit Uninstaller Review – Is It Worth a Try?

If you need a tool that can completely wipe unwanted programs, there’s IObit Uninstaller to solve all your problems. With this utility software around, deleting programs as clean as possible would be a breeze. The software won’t delete the original program only and the stray files that are often left after removal. Although similar programs serve a similar purpose, IObit Uninstaller may surpass them all with its community feature to get the definitive answers to your questions. 

It’s now possible to make your browser cleaner from stacked toolbars and problematic plug-ins as well. Now, let us review the IObit Uninstaller, starting from understanding how it actually works.

How It Works

If you look at how to delete programs on Windows, you’ll often be directed to the Control Panel. The uninstaller works well in removing those programs, but it left another issue to solve. Aside from the manual work you need to do to uninstall them one by one, the removal process often left junk files that you need to clear manually as well. So to delete a certain program, you need to do those tedious steps every time.

To make the process way shorter, you can always rely on IObit Uninstaller that lets you remove any programs you want through a single click. It’s available on the Windows system and has a clean interface that consists of three main sections: Toolbars & Plug-Ins, Programs, and Action Center. Sure the performance is good enough to have, but the easiness is another welcoming value.

Uninstalling Applications

The removal process of a certain app, plugin, or toolbar can be as quick as hitting the software list, clicking the app you want to delete, and selecting Remove. Now by checking the boxes right beside the apps lets you remove any programs simultaneously, which is a feature you can’t do in Programs and Features of Windows.

Removing a program using IObit Uninstaller is way more convenient than the traditional method. Although the software allows you do multiple removals, you need to confirm the uninstall for each of them as the process begins. That’s a small bit of inconvenience, but don’t let it take the whole deal of how useful the software actually is.

IObit Uninstaller also implemented 64-bit Windows compatibility, meaning that it’s able to clean any 64-bit programs thoroughly without leaving any trace. It’s something that this software wins against the others.

Toolbars, Plug-Ins, and Community

You’ll need IObit Uninstaller when you need to remove any programs at once. Be free from the same tedious process of hitting Control Panel, Programs and Features, and so on. With just a single click, the program can be erased completely.

What differentiates IObit Uninstaller from the competitors is the ability to remove browser toolbars and plug-ins. You can now easily remove them all within a singular software—no need to open a browser and access the plug-ins list on the settings anymore. 

As we mentioned before, one thing that shines through is the competition is the ability of IObit to use the community section. Instead of robotic responses, you may see the community ratings to help identify what apps should remain installed. You can compare which app has higher stars and remove the one that’s worse. This is useful so you won’t delete any important apps within the computer.


In general, IObit Uninstaller could be one of the best Windows uninstaller tools we’ve ever tried. Although there are some minor issues, as we mentioned above, the great value of the IObit Uninstaller remains. It still has a very easy operation, the ability to remove plug-ins and toolbars, plus a clean and sleek interface. Besides, for Windows 11 users, the Android apps you installed can be quickly uninstalled with IObit Uninstaller as well. As for the price, the free of charge value clearly makes the software worth a try.


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