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Since the present driven lies completely in the hands of technology and just driven by the mobile phones they are used for each and every activity and leads to various issues. Out of the most common is screen repair, in particular when it comes to an iPhone 6 screen replacement it can be costlier to make the replacement. When you know that your iPhone screen is damaged you really get shocked and two questions that arise are

  • Where to seek help for fixing the issue of iPhone 6 replacement?
  • How to get the iPhone 6 screen replaced?

Here are certain tips that you can follow when your iPhone screen have any issues.

Where to get the screen replaced?

When you have an issue with your iPhone 6 screen and when you need to replace them you have options like browsing on the internet and you can find certain online shops and you can seek help from them. The next one will be visiting the authorized mobile phone repair shop. Finally, you can visit any of the smartphone repair shops near you can seek help from the technician there.

Tips to fix the screen repair

When you have enough knowledge in iPhone screen repair and have enough confidence you can replace the LCD screen with the new one by yourself. All you need is a set of phone opening toolkits and the new LCD screen digitizer touch screen assembly.

Disassemble the device

Reduce the power completely to avoid short circuit and also the electronic parts wills not be affected. Use LCD display and digitizer touch screen assembly to open the frame and make sure the screen and the body are 90 degrees to protect the flex cable. Look at the positions of the screws to assemble them again. When you do not assemble in the right manner you may have to face certain consequences like,

  • The area below the ear speaker may turn yellow.
  • Penetrate the LCD digitizer or the screen.
  • The motherboard may get damaged.

Do not apply high pressure to unglued home button assembly to handle them with patience. Now gently separate the LCD flex cable and the body of the device. They are fragile particles so make sure you handle carefully when you reconnect them in the motherboard. Have flex cable ribbon in one hand and hold the lower part on the other hand. Reconnect the flex cables, when it is the static line it takes around 30 minutes to completely clear the electricity in the new screen after the re connection as it is a capacitive touch screen.

Another small tip is that the slight voice or noise shows the LCD display screen flex cable is connected to the motherboard properly. when you do not handle them with the patient or when you handle in a rough manner you may have the danger of touch your touch screen and home button has no response among them, static line, digitizer defect, screen shinning, etc. Read the guidelines appropriately and start the process for positive results.

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