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As Apple release new models of the classy iPhone, new innovations towards accessories are being released also to fulfil the need to both protect and secure the phones, as well as enable ease and convenience during usage!

One of such being the wallet cases for iPhones; in particular is the iPhone 11. Make steps to get on of these amazing and unique wallet cases that offer you style and class!

WHATIF Kraft Detachable Wallet Case!

  • Detachable Phone Case
  • Wallet Case and Card Slot

This amazing wallet case has the unique feature of being its case being detachable! It offers all round protection while making considerations for cards and bills with its card slots. It’s anti-shock and anti-fall properties gives it a further edge!


Luxury Zipper Flip Wallet Case!

  • Zipper for Extra Security
  • 5 Card slots              

This wallet case assures 360 degree protection while giving access to plug and pull holes. Its wallet comes with a zipper compartment and 5 card slots! It is also designed to enable stand support on a plane surface as it comes with a magnetic feature!


PU Leather Clear Phone Case!

  • Beautiful Mirror Surface
  • Wallet Case

This beautiful design comes with a mirror surface that reflects your phone screen! Also made with PU leather, it guarantees all round protection for your phone while still providing a wallet compartment. It also has anti fingerprint and anti shock features!


Dual Layer Solid Leather Wallet Case!

  • Dual Layer Protection
  • Magnetic Closing

If you need a wallet case that offers you a double layer shock proof and protection against bumps and scratches, a magnetic closing, ability to provide stand support on a plane surface and an amazing soft feel, then this wallet case is for you!


PU Leather Car Magnetic Wallet Case!

  • Magnetic Closing
  • Wallet Case and Card Slot

This luxurious and stylish case offers magnetic properties that secures and protects the phone! It also comes with a card slot and a wallet case for convenience, as well as anti fall and anti shock properties. It is sleek and fits perfectly with phone so its functions can still be accessed!


Slim PU Leather Case with Back Cover Card Holder!

  • Slim and Sleek
  • Multiple Card Slots

This case protects the phone, provides firmer grasp. Its sleek design fits well with the phone while providing access to functions. It comes in very beautiful colors giving variety to class and style.


Luxurious PU Leather Wallet Case!

  • Creates Scaffold for Balance
  • Fits perfectly

This sleek pattern leather case enables firm stand support for convenient use, a flip wallet case for bills and cards. It also offers varying colors, all round protection while giving access to plug and pull holes.


CaseMe Retro Purse Case!

  • Magnetic Closing
  • Creates Scaffold for Balance

Shaped like a purse and having magnetic features that removes the need for buttons and clips, this luxurious wallet case offers security and protection for your phone, as well as the camera, enables stand support for convenient use, allows easy access to plug and pull holes and has a soft feel to touch!


Luxury Vintage PU Leather Case

  • Vintage Look
  • Anti -fall and anti-shock

This luxurious wallet back case makes for easy fit, installing and removal. It also provides firm grip , protection from scratches and damages, is soft and flexible and comes in 3 beautiful colors!


PU Leather Ultra Thin Wallet Case!

  • Creates Scaffold for Balance
  • Anti fingerprint/ Anti-scratch

If you need a luxurious and sleek wallet case, then this is for you! With perfectly cut and sewn design made from PU Leather, this wallet case offers all round anti shock and anti fall protection, creates scaffold that enables balance on a plane surface, has magnetic buckles for better security, great heat dissipation, a wallet case and card slot as well as a sleek feel to touch!


KISSCASE Vintage PU Leather Case

  • Magnetic Buckle for Extra Protection
  • Wallet Case and Card Slot

This uniquely designed vintage case made from PU Leather offers all round protection for your phone and camera, easy and convenient access to pull and plug holes, magnetic buckle, wallet case and card slot!


Luxury PU Leather Retro Fundas Wallet Case

  • Great heat dissipation
  • Anti shock/ Anti scratch

This luxurious and beautiful leather wallet case coming in varying colors offers security and all round protection. It also creates a scaffold for convenient use while watching movies and videos. It has precise holes for easy accessibility, good heat dissipation and a wallet case and card slot.


Shockproof Hybrid Silicone Leather Case

  • Anti scratch/Anti shock features
  • Multiple slots for sim cards & Cards

This stylish anti scratch, anti-fall, anti-shock silicone leather case offers full protection for phone and camera, dust proof for pull and plug holes is definitely one to have.


Luxurious and Sleek PU Leather Wallet Case!

  • Shiny and Glossy Leather Case
  • Accessibility to Phone’s Receiver

This shiny and classy leather case ensures all round protection for phone, creates a scaffold for convenient use, has anti shock, anti finger print and anti scratch properties. Another beautiful feature is it’s being designed to access the phone’s receiver from the case itself.


Luxury Crystal Diamond Leather Case!

  • Glittering Leather Case
  • Detachable Strap for Convenience

Think class, luxury, style and this uniquely designed glitter leather case comes to mind! Offering all round protection, easy access to pull and push holes, wallet case for convenience and a strap for better portability, this case is one to purchase! Shine bright like a diamond!


Stylish Leather Case with Flip Wallet!

  • Detachable Phone Case
  • Multiple Card and Picture Slots

This stylish leather case comes with a unique feature of the phone case being detachable form the wallet! Its magnetic feature offers better security and protection. It also guarantees easy access to pull and push holes, as well as easy fit, installing and removal features. It also comes in different beautiful colours!


KEYISON Leather Wallet Case With Card Slots!

  • Allows for Wireless Charging
  • Wallet Case and Card Slot

This case allows for wireless charging! It also offers all round protection, anti shock and anti scratch properties. It is sleek and offers a variety of colors. It also has a wallet and card compartment! for ease and convenience. Easy fit, installing and removal is also guaranteed.

CASE 18:

Cute, Darling 3D Emoticon Wallet Case!

  • Different Emoticon Designs
  • Wallet Case and Stand Support

Get this beautiful case that offers all round protection, anti-scratch and anti fall properties! A cute bag for depositing items such as bills and cards and for stand support make up part of its unique features. Coming in different emoticon designs, it also has a strap for extra convenience and portability!

CASE 19:

Flip Magnetic PU Leather Case!

  • Multiple Card Slots
  • Magnetic Clips For Extra Security

This stylish magnetic case fully secures and protects the phone from fall, shock, dirt and damage! It also creates a scaffold for convenient use, while offering easy access to pull and push holes. It guarantees easy fit, installing and removal. It also comes in several beautiful colors.

CASE 20:

Tikitaka Sleek PU Leather Phone Case!

  • Luxurious Hard Leather for Guaranteed Protection
  • Card Slot and Wallet Case

This business like and stylish PU leather case secures the phone and its camera while giving access to its functions. It also has anti fall, anti scratch and anti shock protection. It provides support on a plane surface for further convenience, and of course, a wallet case and card slot!


Silicone Flip Leather Case!

  • Double Card Slots
  • Unique Design

Get this uniquely designed Wallet Case that also serves as a stand support on a plane surface. It had double card slots and a wallet compartment. It creates a perfect fit and makes for easy installing and removal!


Breathable Leather Case with Multiple Card Slots!

  • Great Heat Dissipation
  • Multiple Card Slots and Wallet Case

Get this sleek and classy wallet case that ensures great heat dissipation, provides 360 degrees protection and security, creates scaffold for balance and has a detachable phone case! Wow!


Stylish PU Leather Wallet Case!

  • Full Body Protection
  • Magnetic Flip For Better Protection

This stylish and business like case with its magnetic flip offers full body protection for your phone, also creates a balance for stand support, fits perfectly while giving access to pull and plug holes, as well as card slot and wallet case!


Very Colorful Leather Wallet Case!

  • Attractive Wallet Case
  • Detachable Phone Case

This very colorful wallet Case with double card slots and detachable phone case offers security and protection for your phone, creates scaffold for support on plane surface to view movies or videos, fits perfectly so plug and pull holes can be well accessed!


PU Leather Wallet Case With Wrist Band!

  • Creates Scaffold for Support
  • Detachable Wrist Band for Convenience

Get this amazing PU leather case that offers full body protection, anti fall and anti scratch features, varying colors, magnetic flip for extra security, 3 card slots, wallet case and a detachable wrist band for further ease during usage!

It would be great to make a choice from any of the above quality wallet cases that offer the best in terms of security and protection, as well as other unique features!

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