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It is a free streaming site which can get access to watch various animated Tv shows and movies. It allows users to stream or download for free but it is completely illegal. Kisscartoon for tv shows though it might be free, before going inside these kinds of websites users must check well whether these sites are legal and safe to use. To get updated with this kind of technology oriented, you can also check on the webfrenz blog.


Among many streaming websites it is one of the famous sites which streams videos for the users to download for free. The quality in this site is remarkable, since it is available in HD. It is also organized pretty well so that you can find your favorite cartoon as soon as possible. The sites you see now are just clones; the original site was closed in 2017.

Various other clone streaming sites are:



These sites are known for generating viruses to those who visit their website. When you click on this site, you can see a lot of ads pop up on your screen one after another. Sometimes, it even opens another link; through this ads virus will be injected and it will slow down your device. Also, it is pirated content; so it is illegal to use such sites.

Rick and Morty is one of the most famous cartoons. For instance, in kisscartoon rick and morty is watched means your device gets affected; in some other safe app by paying or without paying you can watch it safely. You want to see a cartoon means watch it carefully in legal apps like netflix, hulu, amazon prime, crackle etc. If not the main issue is your device may be affected which is more costlier.


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