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It is a fact that the implementation of new technology is an easy task. According to many decision-makers, S/4HANA MIGRATION is not easy either, and it involves projects which involve a lot of risks. SAP/4HAHA is a modern-day business suite that SAP has announced recently.

The hardware enhancements, such as availability of multipurpose processors and massive memory, has made it possible for SAP to substitute their current products through SAP/4HANA. The same has been developed using the SAP HANA platform. EPR clients that are in requirement of digital transformation have opted for S/4HANA, and eventually, it has become their perfect choice. 

Is it possible for SAP/4HANA to turn upheaval in businesses?

SAP/HANA is a time consuming and complicated process. According to people, SAP/HANA is capable of disruption of businesses, and it can involve a comprehensive process of relearning.

As the project spreads over a massive scale, we are not sure if these thoughts are untrue; on the contrary, some of them are true primarily because of the fact the SAP/4HAHA brings significant alterations to the IT infrastructure of the company. For making this implementation successful, appropriate planning along with Testing must be in place. 

As the new process will replace old ones, there will be alteration in functions, thus leading to re-engineering and finally giving birth to the new ones. The old system needs to be upgraded for smooth and seamless migration to take place. The design needs up-gradation so that it the ability to undergo the change as well as retain it. 

Furthermore, if businesses want to use SAP/4HAHA to the fullest, they must sustain changes in the process. 

Is there any method using which the disruption can be minimized? 

Yes, the disruption can be reduced, and the process of migration can be implemented with low risk and minimized effort. 

SAP HANA involves modern features, and it also provides numerous options that can be helpful and provides assistance. Moreover, if we assess the technical side, we will find that the migration process of this latest technology is challenging; instead, it is easy and convenient. 

When considered from different perspectives, the up-gradation of systems and database migration can be performed using only one step. The process of migration is made simple and minimizes downtime, thus allowing the implementation to take place with the least possible interruption. 

A crucial alteration to the business is SAP Migration. Hence, to make it profitable, it is imperative to make a correct plan that ensures seamless migration. Multiple migration-related workshops has been prepared by SAP Intelligence so that it allows the businesses to select the approach, which is best suited for migration. 

Strategically, SAP HANA migration involves a plan that works towards stopping migration disruption. Hence, for smooth migration and an easy shift, the businesses have to build approaches, thus ensuring smooth transformation. 

Some of the significant elements of SAP/HANA are as follows: 

  • A simple model of data by eliminating irrelevant tables
  • Provides Personalized UX added with SAP Fiori, which has excellent compatibility with laptops, mobiles, and computers. 
  • It can be set up in on public or hybrid in cloud
  • ERPs based on editions along with extensions to the Cloud platform, such as Enterprise Edition, Marketing Edition, and Project Services Edition
  • All operational reports can be run with the help of SAP HANA Live.
  • Get rids of processes of the batch. 

Transition circumstances:  

  • New Implementation: As a part of greenfield implementation, customers can migrate to S/4HANA from a legacy system.
  • System Conversion: Migration is possible from the existing SAP process to S/4HANA
  • Landscape Transformation: Clients that plan to reinforce the landscapes can transform into a new platform of S/4HANA.
  • Migration Accelerators of S/4HANA
  • SAS Readiness Check: The clients who want to migrate from current SAP ERP 6.x systems to SAP/4HANA. It helps you to prepare the system for the required transformation and also ensures compatible conversions.
  • SAP TRANSFORMATION NAVIGATOR:   This tool is used whenever the clients are required to set up the technology landscape, and SAP provides them recommendations as to where they should use S/4 migration.

SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit and SAP S/4HANA migration object modeler are some of the notable migration accelerators that ensure the smooth transformation to the new platform. 

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