Jeremy Corbyn intends to ‘Britain Rebuilt’ using Digital System, read more Technical Reviews

Jeremy Corbyn has promised a digital revolution in the services provided over the internet. And further he added that even labor election would be affected by entire digital system.

Mr. Corbyn or Mr. Smith

Mr. Corbyn said that if he wins over Mr. smith, then the labor party will use high tech for general election campaign ever and that would be visible to everyone.

And yes, his digital campaign may prove to be the most futuristic in UK due to the use of phone canvassing app, inspired by Senator Sander’s bid’s to get the Democratic  presidential nomination. His most futuristic approach may be inspired by great leaders but his success seems to be promising.

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Jeremy Corbyn also promised people to allow them to access free online education and several other learning resources. Plus a manifesto of detailed plan for a digital citizen passport-a portable identity to provide people better and secured virtual system. Everything would be online with fast services for health, education, welfare and affordable housing.

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