Jobs to Pursue While Being in the Education Sector but Outside the Classroom

Jobs in the education sector are preferred by lots of people out there due to the calm environment and intellectual activities on a daily basis. However, teaching jobs are not everyone’s forte and could be really frustrated and boring for people who don’t have the temperament of teaching children. Are you stuck in a similar situation where the education sector is your most liked field but teaching is not your thing even a bit? Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of jobs which belong to the education sector but definitely do not surround the classrooms.

Educational policy expert

Do you ever think why exactly you don’t like to be a teacher? A lot of times it is because of the temperament and nature of a person, but many times educational policies of certain institutes or governments make teaching a much harder profession for people and they run away from it. You can become an educational policy writer or expert in which you will be supposed to write policies for the education system in different schools. However, you must have teaching and administrative experience to qualify for the position.

Writer or director of curriculum

The curriculum is important, in fact, the backbone of education in every single institute and country across the world. If you have experience in the education sector, you can become a curriculum writer or director on institute level or even government level – that totally depends on your experience, skills, and goals. In this job, you will be required to write an educational curriculum for the respective organization you are working for.

Teaching mentor or coach

Mentors or coaches are the people who have expert level experience in the teaching field. If you have been a teacher all your life and now want to step out of the classrooms, you can become a coach. The teachers who are at the beginner level or struggling to succeed in their career require help from the vouches and mentors. You would be required to spend some time in the classroom to observe the teacher under training, but that surely does not mean the entire day or the responsibility of the students. Sometimes schools hire personal coaches while other times, coaches are hired on a district level and you would be required to travel across the region to provide mentorship in different schools.

Online tutor

The job of an online tutor is not much different from the conventional teachers except for the fact that they don’t have to be in the classroom to teach the students. If you just want to skip the classroom part and not the entire profession of teaching, online tutorship is definitely your thing. You can make a personal platform and market it or join any online assignment writing help platform to provide your services.

Freelance writer

Freelance writing is another profession very suitable for people like you. On a larger scale, the category still falls in the education sector but indirectly. A freelance writer writes on educational and informative topics which then go up on the internet for the purpose of online help. Students use the articles and papers available on the internet for the purpose of their research and you can be the one to write and publish those reference articles and papers.

Public educational curator

The public educational curator is the person responsible for arranging activities, trips, and other educational events and programs to/at the zoos, museums, and historical sites etc. The person at this position stays in the educational fields without actually being a teacher. The teaching part is there as well but in fun and interesting ways. Furthermore, you are not responsible for the exam preparations and test schedules; rather the teaching is on the practical level for the students.

Educational counsellor

An educational counsellor is any person who is responsible for training the students and children in their day to day educational issues and commitments. Students can reach out to guidance counsellors for seeking help either for queries or for suggesting any educational improvement or event. The counsellors work for the educational sector in the form of organizing events and programs to help student body in numerous different practical ways.

The education sector is a great field to be working in but people have a misconception of teaching being the only profession related to the education sector. It is definitely not the case. If you are someone who does not like to teach and take responsibility of students, or if you are bored being a teacher for many years now, there are multiple different options which you can take upon for still serving in the education sector but staying away from the classrooms. Discussed above are some of the professions which fall in the category of educational jobs but are far away from the classrooms.


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