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As exciting and awesome as traveling in a recreational vehicle can be, there are times when it can be very exhausting and stressful. We can think of some perfect examples like when you’ve been driving your RV for the entire day, the weather has been rainy, and the traffic endless; so you stop, tired and hungry in the middle of nowhere. You find an RV park. It’s remote, wooded, the lots aren’t paved, and they’re muddy and slick with rain puddles. You’re exhausted and only want to have a snack and get into bed, but now you have to do some creative driving and parking to get your rig situated for the night.

After much backing in and out, turning and adjusting, you finally do it and you’re pretty impressed with your skills. You don’t have a compact RV, it’s a pretty big class-A vehicle, the space was tight, and the lot was not very well lit either, but you parked successfully anyway and you’re happy. That is until you go to connect your electric where you discover that the cord for your electric supply doesn’t quite reach. It’s so close but not enough. You sigh, deeply and with considerable frustration. Now you’ve got to get back in your vehicle and try to park again. It’s frustrating. You’re pretty sure it’s going to take a while to park just right and now you’re thinking that maybe you won’t worry about connecting to the power supply. Instead of watching some TV before bed, you’re considering just leaving things as they are and going to bed in the dark.

You could do that or you could get an Rv Extension Cord from RVupgrades. Imagine the convenience. The standard RV cords are ok, but they really don’t quite work when you’re in a park that’s filled with trees or is rocky and hilly. The deeper you get into the woods or desert, the more overgrown the parks and campgrounds. With an RV extension cord, you don’t have to worry about parking perfectly to reach outlets. That is so comforting when you just want to park, relax and unwind, and get to sleep.

So browse the selection of over 10,000 RV accessories available on our website for every type of recreational vehicle, camper van, and travel trailer. We have everything you need for your RV from appliances and electric supplies, like extension cords, covers, leveling jacks, picnic supplies, and so much more.

With an RV extension cord from our website, the next time you find yourself in a secluded and poorly lit RV park, you won’t have to worry about parking perfectly so you can reach outlets. With lengths ranging from 10’ up to 50’, these durable cables can help you connect to power sources without struggle and stress. These cords are UL approved, sturdy, and available in an array of thick gauges with some even featuring LED lighted ends so they are easy to plug in in the dark. Just keep them in your RV and they’ll be ready when you need some assistance reaching a power outlet in those forest and mountain parks and campgrounds.

It’s so great to find the kind of accessory that takes some of the stress out of finding a place and a good parking spot to sleep for the night. So come check out the selection at RVupgrades. We can assist you in finding the RV parts you need and we make returning simple with ‘no confusion, no hassle, and no worries.’ If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

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