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Running a successful vape shop hinges on a multitude of factors, all of which a shop owner must understand and balance to effectively manage his business. Even generally reliable variables like inventory management and order fulfillment take on a different hue when coupled with the ever changing customer preferences and tastes that define the vaping industry. Lucky for shrewd vape shop owners, there is a wholesale supplier that can take loads of the guesswork and planning out of replenishment and buying, especially when it concerns what’s most in vogue with vapers. Kingdom Vapor has been the paragon to which all over vapor wholesale suppliers have aspired for nearly a decade. When your questions revolve around how and where to source Wholesale Vape Mods and all other vapor accessories, you need look no further than Kingdom Vapor.

One of the secrets to Kingdom Vapor’s success is the talented and passionate staff that composes the company. Dedicated not only to the customer experience but also to the passion of vaping and the latest and greatest on the market, they are ever ready to supply not only the tried and true favorites but the technology and flavors that are destined to become favorites. When you’re shopping for wholesale vape mods, you’ll find models that have stood the test of time and customer use, but also some of the newest and most innovative technology available.

Among their wares is the Disguiser by Movkin, unique for a design that entirely contains a tank and incorporates a special telescoping tip for added protection and a dash of individuality of profile. It features not only an OLED screen for visibility of control but also a window by which you can physically observe the levels of e liquid in the tank with ease. It can run from 100 to 300 degrees and between the wattage and temperature control modes has the capability to offer resistance as low as .05 ohms up to 3 for ultimate control of flavor and intensity.

From Wismec you will find models like the RX2 20700, which operates off a dual battery with 200 watts of power. The RX2 also has the capability to fire coils with a full suite of temperature control modes to put you in control. With a 2A Quick Charge USB Port and easy to use slide and lock battery sled, the RX2 keeps everything simple with a design that is pulled from the rest of the Wismec RX line.

Also from Wismec is the impressively innovative Active 80W. Bringing up to 80 watts of power and a resistance range from .05 to 3.5 ohms and with a full suite of temperature controls, this mod offers classic controls to the user over intensity and flavor. However, what this mod offers that others do not is the water resistant, shock resistant design that has been merged with a bluetooth speaker. It expertly brings the aesthetics of vaping and music together in a seamless and attractive package.

From classic designs to revolutionary new products, for wholesale vape mods you can’t go wrong with Kingdom Vapor. However, it doesn’t stop there, because at Kingdom Vapor you can get everything else you need to keep your vape business booming and your customers happy. With not only mods and e-cigs but e-liquids and nicotine salts, if your customers demand it you’ll find it at Kingdom Vapor. Tanks, drip tips, batteries, coils, and other accessories round out their suite of products. To stock up today and see how Kingdom Vapor could be the ace up your sleeve, head to

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