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Composite safety shoes are often used in hazardous workplaces where the workers’ feet remain exposed to penetrating objects. Earlier, steel toe shoes were more in use for protection against punctures and falling objects. But soon, the steel midsole and toe cap were replaced by composite materials because the former ones were quite heavy. Also, some variants of steel toe safety shoes provided poor protection from electric shocks.

The composite materials used in modern safety shoes are quite lightweight. Plus, apart from providing protection from falling objects, they prevent electric shocks. Composite safety shoes mainly comprise mid-sole and toe cap made up of non-metal materials, such as plastic, kevlar, carbon fiber, plastic, or fiberglass. Therefore, they are comfortable on feet in extreme outdoor conditions. 

What else? Being lightweight, they reduce fatigue when worn for long periods of time. In addition, unlike their steel counterparts, they do not conduct electricity.

A good pair of composite shoes also protect against common workplace dangers, such as slip and fall accidents, electrical shock, chemical burns, and broken bones. Therefore, these safety shoes are commonly used by construction workers, police officers, and firefighters.

How are composite shoes better than other variants? 

Composite shoes are impact-resistant. Therefore, they protect the toes and upper feet from heavy falling objects and objects rolling across the top of the foot. Plus, they comprise tough composite soles that prevent punctures by sharp objects.

Some composite shoes are waterproof and they are perfect for those working in wet or rainy conditions. These boots are made from both leather and nylon mesh.

The sole of composite shoes is slip-resistant. Plus, they provide a good posture with the high heel and comfortable toe design.

Unlike, steel shoes, composite shoes cannot be detected by metal detectors. Therefore, they are more appropriate for employees working in highly security-conscious environments. Thus, they are ideally used by security guards and airport employees.

Apart from protecting the feet from all types of workplace hazards, composite shoes are more stylish and go well with both formal and casual outfits.

Are composite shoes as safe as steel toe shoes?

Many people who have been using steel toe shoes often doubt whether the composite toe cap shoes are equally safe on the wearer’s feet. In this regard, you should know that both steel and non-metallic toe caps are tested in exactly the same way, under European standard EN 20345:2011. Both these variants are absolutely fit for hazardous workplaces if made using the correct shoemaking skills.

Ideally, you should choose branded composite shoes as they will exceed the required standards by a wide margin. Shoe manufacturers must evaluate the lightweightness of the composite toe caps and their effectiveness before using them. Generally, composite toe caps are 56.4% lighter than the traditional steel variants.


Composite safety shoes are better than steel shoes because apart from providing puncture resistance and protection from falling objects, they provide electric shock resistance. Being lightweight, they are comfortable to wear all day. Plus, they are highly thermal-resistant and comfortable to wear in extreme outdoor conditions.

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