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1.   No “Bulk” White Space

White space is often called for in many designs, but never on the sides of your presentation box! Fill that space up with whatever color you are using. Doing this makes it look like there is more of whatever is inside.

A great example is any cereal box. المربع الذهبي لليورو Look at the air surrounding it, then look again at how much cereal is inside those boxes. This technique can also make a small selection of products seem larger.

2.   Keep Product Images Big and Bold

The images on your packaging need to be big and bold. The last thing you want is a small image that leaves consumers wanting to see it in real life, only to have them go home empty-handed. برنامج المراهنات على المباريات Don’t let this happen!

3.   Use Bright Colors

Without a doubt, the best tip on this list, using bright colors in your packaging design will ensure that customers catch the eye of your brand. Study after study has shown that when a person sees an item highlighted in red, blue, or yellow, they are likely to see it more often and remember it better than something not colored.

4.   Simplify Your Product

Products with many colors, shapes, patterns, and words are more challenging to remember. Make your product simply by using one or two colors that match your brand with no added text.

5.   Simplify Your Layout

Once you have a simple product design, you need to ensure that everything else on the packaging is equally simple. Your packaging layout is one of the most important things to think about when designing it. Don’t have confusing shapes, patterns, or colors that can confuse or distract the customer from your product.

6.   Presentation Boxes with Lids

Customers are more likely to pick up a presentation box with a lid if they can see inside. Ensuring that your packaging is a box or a jar with a lid is essential because consumers associate these containers as more hygienic than bags or bottles. طاولة وكرسي قيمنق

7.   Use Labels

Labels at the top and bottom of a presentation box make it stand out on store shelves while also making it easier for consumers to see what’s inside. Labels also help customers know when an item is being sold by weight. The last thing you want is for someone to pick up your product and be surprised by its weight when they get home.

8.   Using Graphics

By including graphics in your product design, you can better communicate the purpose of your product and what it looks like in use. Graphics can be used to illustrate how food is eaten or show how a cleaning solution will make something look brand new. Graphics can make your product look cleaner, smell nicer or make the buyer feel like they are getting their money worth.

9.   Don’t Over-Promote

Putting too much information on your presentation box might be tempting because getting your customers to see that your product is better than the competition is essential. Still, it’s important to know when enough is enough. The last thing you want to do is have a customer look at your package and not understand what your box does.

Too much information can also cause problems with shipping because more text makes presentation boxes bigger, which in turn requires more materials (and therefore more money) to ship. If the size of your package makes it cost-prohibitive to market your product, you are doing yourself a disservice.

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