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The landing page refers to the first webpage that a person sees when they click your website address in the search engine results. This page plays a primary role in lead conversion. This is the point where most users decide whether they should close the website or it is worth exploring more. If your landing page is not compelling enough, you may lose the majority of your leads no matter how attractive and valuable the other pages of your website are.

A landing page is analogous to the display of a business. Suppose you are looking to purchase an item and do not have any particular brand in mind. In such a scenario, your decision to enter any store would highly be dependent on the items shown in its display and its presentation. A landing page is just like this. A user who does not have any particular website in mind and is just Googling for options is most likely to check out the landing page first and then decide if the particular website is worth exploring.
It is the landing page that converts website visitors into leads and then ultimately to customers. If you want a landing page like this too, make sure yours have the following features in it:
Before you have your landing page designed, state your objective in clear and specific terms. For instance, if you are a charity-based organization that works to educate the poor kids of the society, then your landing page must reflect your compassion and care for the poor and destitute. It must not be sales pitchy or traditionally promotional. So first write down your goal and then make sure your landing page reflects your goal.

Every Second Count

From the time a user hits your landing page up until they decide whether to leave or stay, you just have a few seconds to make your impact. Normally, it is the first 30 seconds in which the users make their decision. So make sure you make the most of this time and convey the best part of your business in it. Add riveting animations, lucrative graphics, catchy headings and most importantly, easy-to-understand language.

Make it Light

Users these days are very impatient. Nothing irritates them more than a slow WiFi connection and a slow loading website. That said, it is extremely essential that your landing page must not take more than a few seconds to load. If it contains heavy animations on startup, it may give the impression that the website is slow too which in turn can cause the user to Alt+F4 your landing page.
According to the results of a survey conducted by HubSpot, businesses that have thirty or more landing pages generate seven times more leads as compared to businesses that have fewer landing pages. That said, it is highly essential that you get your website a number of landing pages that are attractive, both in terms of content and graphics. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you get a different landing page made for every ad that is published online. Please contact us at ProWeb365 for all your marketing needs.

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