Latest SEO Guide in 2020 everyone should look for


Are you looking to start your digital marketing career in 2020? Get help with this SEO guide and learn the basics of SEO along with latest trends. Read now!

Search engine optimisation is the practice of incorporating the latest technique which helps websites perform well in the search engine result page (SERP). Website owners have to constantly stay up to date with the technology changes to hold their existing rank in the search results or improve it.

Along these lines, this SEO guide will help you choose the right strategy, which can help you get a boost in the search results. This latest guide will educate you with the recent upgrades and SEO techniques that you need to incorporate for optimum performance of your website.

You need to adhere to the right SEO strategies as it can help your business expand in more ways than one. Here are some of the statistics which depict the significance of SEO in digital marketing and Google’s grasp in search engine market share.

SEO Techniques

Further, mentioned below are some of the latest SEO techniques that every individual should look into.

Latest SEO Techniques to Follow in 2020

  • Optimise website by following RankBrain

Google rolled out a core algorithm named RankBrain in October 26th 2015 that incorporates machine learning or interpretation models to determine more personalised search results. The algorithm update tries to understand users’ intent and provide most accurate search results.

  • Local SEO techniques

Local SEO techniques are the new and optimised search intent of users. Everyone makes a query for local services, news, etc. and this is where local SEO checklist for 2020 comes into the picture.

For example, you want to search for a nearby Chinese restaurant; the query can be ‘Chinese restaurants near me’ or ‘Chinese restaurants near Xyz area’. In most cases, people make voice queries to get search results. Hence, websites and the content should be optimised accordingly so that your business stands out in local search results. This, in turn, will help the business receive global presence in search results.

  • Reuse old blog posts

You can reuse old blog posts using the update, upgrade, and publish method. You can update the old content with the latest data and recent changes. Adding more images and making desirable changes for a better and informative blog can help get more audience. Additionally, you need to publish and share the blog post to increase its reachability.

  • Find broken links and replace

Broken links that don’t exist anymore can have a severe impact on your site’s performance in search engine results. Therefore, it becomes essential to find broken links even though it is quite difficult to check every link manually.

To get rid of this issue, website developers add a ‘dead link’ note to the reference links which are broken. You can locate such links by writing the string mentioned below

Site: site link [keyword] + “dead link”

  • Optimise content to be Semantic SEO ready

Earlier Google’s search results were based upon the lexical search, meaning individual keyword search without focusing on the actual content. But, with Google’s update of Hummingbird, the search engine now focuses on semantic search.

Now, to make search engines like Google understand the intent of topic, every content writing Company India need to include related keywords, subtopics, LSI, etc. in the content. This helps Google or any other search engine understand the content written inside a heading.

  • Insert long-tail keywords in title tags

Inserting long-tail keywords in the title tags can help increase traffic significantly as compared to shorter keywords. For example, for ‘White hat SEO’ keyword, you have included ‘White hat SEO techniques 2020’ then it will fetch results for every query made named ‘White hat SEO’, ‘white hat SEO technique’, ‘SEO technique 2020’, etc.

In case you only keep ‘White hat SEO’ in the title, then it won’t fetch results in other scenarios like ‘white hat SEO technique’, ‘SEO technique 2020’, etc.

Subsequently, this SEO guide will help digital marketing enthusiasts understand the essential digital marketing techniques. These latest techniques will help optimise your website better so that it secures a high rank in SERPs.


Subhodip Das has been mastering the skills of content writing for the past 7 years. Presently having a talented troupe of ghost-writers, he specializes in creating content adhering to SEO standards and readers’ expectations. Being an avid reader too, he believes in growing together with his team and sharing their knowledge with aspiring writers of tomorrow.

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