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Gamer love this, why? Know it yourself.

Recently in 2016 many awesome games have been launched and Doom is one of them with awesome and catchy graphics.

You can play this game as a first person’s perspective, and in this a player showing a role of a nameless marine, and this game gets faster pace with increasing levels. So friends play well and get all the levels done by yourself. And if you are a born gamer than no one can teach you how to play, you are your own guide, Latest Top 5 Games 2016.

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Hit Man game series is available on Microsoft windows, it is a video game series which was developed by the company named IO Interactive and recently published by Square Enix.

In this you would see the story revolving around agent 47 and you can feel the superhot fight scenes by yourself inside the game, so make bombardments and enjoy because if you have seen the movie or read the novel then it would be easier to rush the games by your own style.

Mirror’s Edge catalyst is another video game, EA Dice is its maker and published by Electronic arts. You would be loving its action adventure in the game where you control the Faith Connors who does everything in a futuristic city called Glass.

Overwatch (Good video game)

You will encounter squad based combat with two opposite team of six players each and these players are with their unique abilities and power. If you want to know about game modes then there are four modes; Assault, Escort, Assault or Escort, control.

Latest Top 5 Games 2016 | Reviews

Dark Soul III is totally a video game with action originally developed under the authority of FromSoftware and you can enjoy it at play stations, Xbox One and windows as well.

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Play yourself because the more you enjoy these game and put your reviews then rest of the world would know some tricks, yes friends you can share your personal tricks over here.

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