Latest Trends in Large Company Website Development

Web development has now become an everlasting practice for all kinds of businesses to create a digital presence by making their company’s websites available for the customers who are always busy finding the services on the internet. These days, having a renowned business and a big name recognition in the market and among your potential customers is not enough. You need to create an internet sensation as well. Because people are getting more habitual of using the internet to locate and review the profile of any kind of business. If a user can find you in e-world, a trust relationship automatically builds between you and the customer. Big companies are nowadays focusing on maintaining an updated digital appearance on the internet by having webpages. There are a few top trends in large company website development presented for you.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is being broadly used in web development these days. It gets information about how the user interacts and practices and let you know his interests. It develops a database of what is going on, what should be next happening on your page for getting the desired results. It also gives you an advanced idea of what is likely going to happen in response to any change in your webpage.

Bots and Chatbots

Providing bot and chatbots for allowing your automated system to answer any query of your user on the basis of his internet experience and interests without having any human assistant to review and answer is a dramatic factor that changed the history of social interaction through your webpage. Having chatbots virtual assistants like Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft) and Alexa (Amazon) can dramatically change the traffic of visitors and it introduced an entirely new world for social interaction.

Attractive and Unique User Interface

Simple looking webpages with few still pictures or picture animations and text with simple font styles are no more enough to engage your visitor on the page for a little longer than what he intended. Big company websites now offer an exclusive and more attractive user experience by employing the latest technologies for improving graphics and they use motion pictures and GUIs to make the visitor stay on your page.

Progressive Webpages

The trend of using progressive webpages and responsive webpages for fast user experience on your webpage. It helps declutter the unnecessary scripts that make the browsing of your page slower. A responsive webpage is that which can easily interact with various screen sizes and types e.g., Mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops, digital watches or even smart refrigerator’s screen. The webpages can work with all the devices and speedily opens on any browser experience.

Single Page Websites

These are landing pages with all the information and graphic representations on a single page to avoid any loading of tabs and links on your page. It gives a completely interactive and fast user experience. Single page web development is a famous trend in the latest corporate website development technologies in Switzerland. They use JS, CSS, Python, and more for scripting their pages for a faster loading experience. A single-page website will ensure all the links and media to load simultaneously to avoid any annoying and irritable experience for the users.


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