Lawn fertilizer – weed control, organic or other?


Lawn fertilizer involves feeding it with nutrients that are important for stimulating growth and providing strength. Homeowners can hire a professional service to fertilize their lawn or they can do it themselves. Either way, it is important to understand how often you fertilize and what products to use.

Fertilizer four times a year to have the healthiest lawn. Those residents in the northern states must apply fertilizer at least twice a year, once each in the spring and fall. The southern states have a longer growing season, so homeowners will have to fertilize twice each during the spring and fall.

Post-feeding is critical because it is when grass experiences root growth, builds strength to withstand winter and the following year. Garden stores carry granular or liquid fertilizers specifically designed to be used during the fall season. These products are often labeled as winterizes and their ingredients stimulate vigorous root growth.

Multifunctional weed killers and fertilizers may have their pace at lawn care and maintenance. However, there is a problem with these in that they contain some pesticides. These pesticides can be absorbed into the soil and reappear in the water supply, causing health problems in humans. Its use should be minimal and very careful.

By going green with lawn fertilizer Royersford pa, many homeowners have switched to all-natural fertilizer and weed control for their lawns. These have no harmful chemical additives to harm the environment or anything around them. It has also been shown that they last longer by releasing their active ingredients at a much slower rate than fertilizers.

An all-natural alternative lawn fertilization method is to tear an inch of compost on top of the lawn. The compost supplies the roots with the nutrients needed to stimulate growth. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn or using a mulch mover will also provide the lawn much needed nitrogen.


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