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Are you looking for a criminal law case management system to move away from your manual workload, or have you realized that your firm would perform better with automated legal case management software? Lawsyst will empower your criminal law practice because it offers an all-in-one criminal law case management system built specifically for law firms of whatever size. From workflows, contact management, an integrated phone system, to billing & invoicing, marketing & website integration, and integrated storage, get the tools you need to take on more cases and consistently deliver the best possible case management solutions for your legal practice.

Lawsyst legal case management software provides you with a personalized dashboard. The CRM platform takes the trouble out of billing and invoicing for your law firm by making it easier for you and your clients to keep track of the payment deadlines.

With the criminal law case management features, Lawsyst makes your everyday practice convenient and easy.

Seamlessly Manage and Track Work Documents

Lawsyst provides a secured platform for you to upload all the client case documents. With the help of Lawsyst criminal law case management system law practitioners can easily manage contacts, share work and documents, and collaborate seamlessly with the clients. The criminal law case management system also helps with constant reminders on their mobile to track their schedules and deadlines.

Remain Productive While Travelling

Lawsyst legal case management software helps you access documents from remote locations making it more comfortable while working, especially during travel time where you can remain productive. Easy and convenient billing and invoicing features will give you more time to focus on your core objectives.

Lawsyst helps in operating your law firm as efficiently as possible by utilizing legal case management software and a criminal law case management system. If you need assistance with case management, please reach out to us at

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