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The invention of the laser has been proven to be one of the best inventions of all time. It is because of the versatility and different applications a laser provides. Generally speaking, a laser can be defined as a device that emits a beam of light that has a specific wavelength and intensity.

After the invention of the laser, the world changed, and nearly field or work started using a laser. In medical science, the laser has been proven to a huge milestone, and by utilizing its power, new and improved medical treatments are unfolding every day.

Laser skin resurfacing treatment is a cosmetic dermatology treatment that helps us in reducing oil, dirt, blackheads, dead skin, and other skin impurities. As the name suggests, this treatment is done using a laser. In this treatment, the skin is exposed to a laser, and in time the heat of that laser starts to penetrate the skin. As heat travels through the skin, it destroys the impurities, and it leaves the skin fresh and rejuvenated.

There is a wide range of cosmetic treatments that are done using a laser. Let’s have a look of the most popular laser skin resurfacing treatments.

  • Carbon Peel Treatment-

A carbon peel treatment is a treatment that helps in reducing oily, blackheads, dead skin, and other impurities from our skin. This treatment is proving to be very effective for all skin types, and it can be done at any time.

In this treatment, the facial skin is covered with a carbon-based cream. This cream is applied as a mask and left to settle in. In time the cream starts to penetrate the skin layers and starts to absorb oil, blackhead, dead skin, and all the other impurities. After the mask gets settled, it is exposed to the laser. As we have seen earlier, the heat of the laser starts to burn the mask. It is due to the fact that the carbon in the cream reacts with the laser. As the mask burns out, the impurities absorbed by it burn out as well.

After the carbon peel treatment, the skin becomes fresh and rejuvenated without any impurities.

  • Hollywood Laser Peel Treatment-

Hollywood laser peel treatment can be considered as a gentler version of carbon peel treatment. Just like carbon peel, it also helps in reducing oily, blackheads, and dead skin with any damage or side effect on the skin.

Same as the carbon peel treatment, this treatment also requires a mask that is applied to the skin. The mask and laser used in this treatment have a lower power than carbon peel, which helps it penetrate the upper layer of the skin. After the mask is applied, it is exposed to the laser, and the same as the carbon peel, the laser burns off all the impurities. The heat of the laser activates the production of skin collagen.

After the Hollywood laser peel treatment, the skin becomes clean, and due to the collagen, it also becomes tight and wrinkles free.

  • Wrinkle Reduction by Laser-

There are numerous treatments available to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. But nothing can be as effective as a wrinkle reduction laser treatment. Laser treatments are becoming the mainstream treatment for wrinkles and fine lines as it offers a long-lasting result.

In the treatment process, the skin is exposed to a laser. The laser penetrates the inner layer of the skin, and its heat starts the production of collagen and elastins. Collagen helps in the production of new skin cells while the elastins help the skin to get tighten.

After regular and proper sessions of laser treatment, the wrinkles start to reduce, and in time the skin becomes tight and rejuvenated.    

  • Laser Skin Toning Treatment-

A laser skin toning treatment involves a laser for correction and de-pigmentation of skin. Laser skin toning is becoming one of the most popular treatments amongst the youth.

Laser skin toning treatment is focused on reducing skin ton as well as dark skin patches. In this treatment, the affected skin exposed to a laser. In time the skin pigments start to break down due to the heat of the laser. In time the pigment concentration becomes so small that our immune system starts to flush it out the body.

Laser skin toning treatment can be used for a suntan, sunburn, dark skin patches, and disease like vitiligo.


Our skin needs time and care, no doubt about it. But over the counter products is not the solution to every problem. Some skin conditions require expert advice and specific expert treatment. It is not true that you can only have a cosmetic treatment in case of disease or condition. You can have a treatment for a simple reason, like rejuvenating your skin. So, don’t take dermatology treatment as an issue and consult with an expert dermatologist for any skin treatment you need.

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