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The idea of the perfect job varies from person to person. For some, an ideal job is one that offers a decent living. For some, it’s one that brings along great power, and some find jobs that focus on giving back to the community most rewarding. However, these are not the only classifications.

A perfect job for some can be not so perfect for others. But, some jobs offer such great benefits that they are preferred by many. Take working as an NYPD officer, for instance. It’s a noble job that offers job satisfaction even after years, pays well, empowers you, benefits others, and keeps you on your toes.

This blog will attempt to explain the life of an NYPD officer by listing some benefits involved in the job.

The Satisfaction of Saving Lives Every Day

Police officers frequently find themselves in a position where they can save someone’s life. Be it pulling out victims from a crashed vehicle, providing first aid to someone in need before paramedics arrive, or neutralizing an angry mob. Besides these services, even the mere presence of police officers saves many lives that people might never know about.

Every fight police officers break up, every speeding ticket they write, and every domestic violence incident they respond to could evolve into a life-threatening situation if they don’t intervene.

Police Officers help People With Their Choices

Another satisfying aspect of being a police officer is having the opportunity to help people choose a better way. How you treat people can hugely Impact their future choices.

a man sitting behind an NYPD transport truck

Not A Boring Job

While many adjectives can be used to describe the job of a police officer, boring is definitely not one of them. It’s a job that keeps you on your toes.

Furthermore, the NYPD offers abundant roles and opportunities to diversify your professional tasks.

The Law Enforcement Bond

Only a handful of carriers provide the kind of solidarity with peers and coworkers that exists in working as a police officer. Police officers don’t just serve and protect society, but they also stand for each other.

an NYPD duty vehicle

Even in such times, when anti-police sentiments are receiving a lot of pressure, the public offers certain respect to the police for putting their lives in danger every day.

Problem Solvers

Police work is all about solving problems. People in conflict often call police officers to neutralize the situation and reach mutually agreeable solutions.

Pride of Serving Their Community  

Knowing that you work for the greater good can be immensely satisfying. The intangible reward of knowing that your work will hopefully help other people in the short and long run is beyond anything.

Humans are social animals, and we grow and evolve as communities. Police duty allows police officers to fulfill this desire and have the opportunity to support themselves and their families.

Benefits and Compensations are Good

Police officers are given benefits and salaries that only a few careers can match. The starting salary of an NYPD officer is set to be $42,500 a year and is around $85,292 in less than six years of service. If you include longevity pay, holiday pay, uniform allowance, overtime, and night differentials, the annual salary of an NYPD officer can amount to  $100,000 annually.

Pay raises become more frequent as your service time increases. Health and retirement benefits are far superior to those provided by most other professions.   

NYPD officers standing near NYPD service motorcycles

Other benefits may also include:

  • A month’s paid vacation on completion of 5 years of service
  • Unlimited paid sick leaves
  • Vision, dental, and prescription coverage
  • Ability to select your medical benefit package
  • Annuity fund
  • Optional retirement with half their salary after serving for 22 years
  • Deferred compensation plan, I.R.A, and 401K
  • Excellent promotional opportunities
  • $12,000 Variable Supplement Fund annually (upon retirement)

After knowing all these perks of being an NYPD officer, you may want to opt for being one. Recruitment options come once every few years, but the selection is based on the NYPD examination. These examinations are pretty tough and require excessive preparation. The examination for being an NYPD officer includes physical and written exams. If you want to prepare for these tests, make sure to get enrolled in a reputable preparatory school.

About the Author

This blog’s author is Hank Morgan, a detective in Suffolk county police. He also counsels young candidates opting for a career in civil services in New York. He prepared for his Suffolk county police exams with the help of  Civil Service Success. If you want to contact the institute for further assistance, you can contact them here.


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