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This is the most complete list of frsky receivers. In recent years, many new types of small, light, integrated and advanced receivers have come out one after another. We’ll try to check them all.

Over base xr602 – B3 frsky D16 receiver

Xr600 series receiver is the latest receiver designed by overky company. It has small size (10 * 17mm), small weight (0.6g), but has LNA (low noise amplifier), so it should have a longer range control distance than other Yage receivers on the market. Supports online firmware updates (don’t know what to do?) and supports both SBUs and f.port output (really?) so the specification is promising, but someone should test it to validate these claims.

Overby has a full range of xr600 series receivers from FlySky, DSM, Futaba and frsky. Xr602 – B2 receiver is suitable for D8 protocol, and xr602 – B3 receiver is suitable for D16 protocol.

Size: 10 * 17mm, weight: 0.6g

Single antenna;

Dynamic amplifier control;

Support SBUs and f port signal output at the same time;

Support SBUs signal normal phase setting and anti phase setting;

Support f port signal normal phase setting and anti phase setting;

Working voltage: 5 V;

Working current: 25 Ma;

Super mini AC900 dual mode receiver

The receiver works in two modes: frsky D16 or dual Taba s-fhss. The receiver adopts LNA chip (low noise signal amplifier), and its working range should be larger, up to 500m. It is very small (10.3 × 16.6mm) and weighs less than 1G (0.9g).


Product Name: Super Mini AC900 dual receiver

Model: AC900

Working voltage: 4-6V

Size: 10.3 × 16.6 mm

Weight: 0.9g

-It supports dual Taba s-fhss and frsky D16 (no telemetry) dual receiving mode.

-S-fhss mode supports 14sg, 16sg, 18sz, 18mz, etc

-D16 mode supports x9d, x12s, etc

-High performance discrete LNA chip is used.

-The working distance of the receiver is 200 meters, and the air distance is about 500 meters.

Frsky Pro 8CH receiver ppm SBUs output for frsky x9d (plus) xjt DJT DFT DHT

One of the cheapest small frsky receivers works in D8 mode. You can select the desired output type to ppm or SBUs by short circuiting the appropriate pad. The radar range is more than 300 meters. This receiver only has throttling (third) channel fail safe! In terms of hardware, it is similar to 8chd8 Mini frsky compatible receiver.


Product Name: 2.4G 8CH receiver

Distance: 300+

Resolution: 1024

Interface: ppm or SBUs output (send SBUs output by default)

Voltage: 5 v-20v

Current: 25 horses

Flight control supporting ppm or SBUs interface, such as cc3d naze32 f3f4, etc.

Compatible with frsky x9d remote control (D8 mode), xjt remote control (D8 mode), DJT, DFT, DHT and other tuners

Size: 12 * 17mm

Weight: 1 g

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