Live Annotation Service of Labelled Data

Cogito is providing live annotation services for machine learning with real-time data labeling and annotation for all types of texts, images and videos. This is kind of annotation service is quick turnaround time and delivery of annotated data within the prescribed time limit as per the client’s request for training the machine learning and AI-based models.

It offers live image and live videos annotation service to annotate the data as much as faster with quickest time frame of 5 minutes to deliver the all types of annotated data. Cogito offers live annotation with best quality to make the each data like image or video recognizable for machines and computer vision getting trained for machine learning of AI-based models.


Benefit of Live Annotation with Cogito Tech:

  • High Throughput Labeling

  • Fastest Turnaround Time

  • Real-time Annotation

  • Follows Stringent SLAs

  • Dedicated Labeling Team

  • 365 Days with round-the-clock

  • Annotation with Flexible Pricing Models

  • Fully Scalable Annotation Services

Cogito live annotation service is available for ML and AI developers to send the annotated data at faster rates as per the predefined time horizon helping the developers feed their models a right quality and quantity data sets of machine learning and AI-based projects. Cogito is known for fastest data labeling and image annotation service at best pricing. Cogito works with world-class clients serving them timely with best track record of live annotation service.


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