Make Computer Troubles a Thing of the past with Help Desk Support Services

With computers becoming the building blocks of most businesses of today, an entrepreneur simply cannot afford malfunctioning workstations at his place. Hardware problems come unannounced and seriously impact the productivity of employees. Unlike conventional business issues, for which a company has the whole workforce at its disposal, hardware issues are unique and require the intervention of hardware professionals. But, not all so-called hardware issues are actually related with the hardware. There are many problems that arise due to software issues, but initially they look like a hardware trouble. A great way to sort out such problems is by using a ticketing system as part of your help desk support services.

Help Desk Support Services: A Systematic Way to Kill Computer Troubles

As faulty computer systems or defective routers disrupt the workflow, it becomes essential for companies to employ IT help desk support services that are good at resolving issues in the shortest amount of time. A help desk utilizes a time-tested ticketing system that helps in streamlining the process and systematically eliminating the problem. To understand how a helpdesk is a much better option than any other system support, below is an example.

Consider a case where multiple (not all) employees are having trouble accessing a particular website. In such a scenario (without a help desk), a technician would have to visit each and every system, check the hardware status and network status, and maybe then he will be able to figure out a fault. After fixing that fault, he has to move to another system and so on.

Contrast this situation with a new scenario, in which, help desk support services are designated for this job. Each employee raises a ticket from his workstation using a drop down menu in the ticketing system. He chooses the field internet problem and mentions the site that he is unable to visit. Similar tickets are raised by other employees as well.

After that, a help desk agent accesses the dashboard and sees the same website causing the trouble for all employees. Now, he knows for a fact that the problem is due to a router firewall issue. He opens certain ports on the router and checks the accessibility of the site. Voila! Problem fixed. He closes all the relevant tickets and each employee gets a notification that the site is accessible now. Time saved, resources saved and the problem fixed without any trouble…all thanks to right implementation of help desk support services.

Save Money on Help Desk Support Services with Outsourcing

Help desk support services is a specialized field that requires experts with good knowledge of computers and networks. Finding and hiring such employees can be a headache for most businesses, especially for startups and small to medium scale companies. Hence, it is a good option to resort to outsourcing, which can provide tremendous financial advantages.

Besides help desk outsourcing, it is also possible to offload your crucial yet monotonous back office tasks like data entry and inventory management by using back office outsourcing services.

However, whether you are outsourcing back office or just your help desk, it is highly advised that you rigorously check the track record of the vendor company that you are employing. To be on the safer side, it makes good sense to invest in veterans in this domain, who ply their trade in developing countries like India. Here, you are more likely to find tech savvy workforce with a logical mindset and good communication skills at an attractive price point.


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