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Wedding stories move me and captivate me.  Your Wedding photographer  day is the celebration of love in one unique day. Every love story is a unique and personal story which needs to be cherished forever.  Each picture is a memory which tells a story and everyone loves stories.


Through my storytelling journalistic Malta wedding photographer style I love to visually narrate stories through the emotions and feelings of the day.   I want you to re-experience the unforgettable moments you had first lived.  I want you to be able to re-live the day you had been so longing for…  these memories are meant to be eternal…

You have gone through all the details by choosing the dress, the flowers, the venue, the caterer… And now you are looking for someone to capture your special day… in a truly memorable manner. 

My vision is to capture your special day in an artistic, romantic and in an unobtrusive manner. I remain discreet and low profile as much as possible to capture the spirit of your friends and loved ones.  My photography is a mixture of fine art and photojournalism and has achieved recognition within the Malta photographer world. 


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