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Your office floor plan can do a lot more with glass partitions. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, you can increase revenue and occupancy with glass partitions while cutting down on cost. Let’s check out the advantages of glass partitions:


The Advantages


  1. Modular design – When you have modular glass partitions installed in your office, you have the option of quickly reconfiguring them as you need changes. The partitions can be moved quickly and easily to form new enclosures or open up spaces and it allows significant breathing room for building managers and HR. The partitions are also portable which means you can make new layouts from scratch within a few minutes. If there is a new employee or a new team of recruits, you can easily design a new layout and build it to accommodate them. This isn’t possible with traditional partitions.


  1. Economical remodeling – With glass partitions you aren’t just free to accommodate your employees, but any other client request. For instance, if you have a conference or an exhibition coming up, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a large venue. You can reposition the glass partitions and free up the entire floor to accommodate guests. You can also change the design for the aesthetic needs of your clients or a new policy change. Moreover, modular partitions are designed to be portable. So, they use hardware that can be accessed with regular tools. Even your maintenance team can get the job done. No need to hire professionals.


  1. Better acoustics – Open workspaces have a major problem – noise. While the open space encourages the free flow of ideas and is meant to facilitate better cooperation, it brings a lot of noise that is distracting and prevents your employees from working at their best. You can keep the open design and the airy ambiance with glass partitions while dampening ambient noise by a great margin. There is no need to hinder communication amongst colleagues since half-height glass partitions can do a good job of reducing noise.


  1. Ample natural light – When you add traditional partitions in your office space, you block most of the natural light and have to depend on artificial solutions like more bulbs and LEDs. This increases your energy cost and carbon footprint. Moreover, artificial light creates a cold gloomy ambiance that demotivates your workforce and gives the feeling of a corporate prison. Instead, glass partitions allow natural light to reach the farthest corners and help you to pay less on energy at the end of each month.


  1. Aesthetics – Glass partitions aren’t just practical but add a lot of elegance and sophistication to your office space. Glass partitions look modern and create symmetrical clean lines that are pleasant on your eyes. When you redesign your interior with a new modern theme, you don’t have to bring down the glass partitions since they blend in with all sorts of decor.



Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you consider adding glass partitions to your space.



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