Marketing for Gym: Strategies to Take Your Gym to the Top

Before we go on to show you the strategies that you need to build your gym business, you need to know the tool with which you can implement these strategies.

Most of the marketing techniques can be carried out manually, but the best way is to use integrated tools in a gym management system. Gym software does not just take care of the marketing but is also useful in managing membership, billing, POS, inventory and much more.

Most of the marketing activities and tasks can be automated using gym management software. The following are the marketing activities that you need to follow to build a growing gym.

We assure you that the following five marketing ideas for gyms will help you in enhancing the growth and popularity of your business.

1. Direct emotional messages to the heart of the potential clients

The most successful gym chains have focused their communication on several aspects by which they want to differentiate themselves from the rest. One of the most effective has been to present themselves as ‘friends’ of the user, companions of the client when it comes to achieving their goals of a healthy and fit life. How? Moving away from the cold treatment of the ‘low cost’ chains that thrive and show themselves as a nearby gym, the usual ones.

This goes against the current trend of low prices and superficiality. However, it is something that will make you different and better. Do not hesitate to bring personalized attention to all areas of your business because it is valued a lot in certain groups of the population. Of course, you do not have to do it only, but also tell it to others, which means to focus an important part of the marketing actions on your target audience and to let them know that they won’t feel alone at your place and that the service is unbeatable.

This is one of the keys to the success of most of the gyms, as noted by an expert of Easy Gym Software during a talk to one of the gym owners, “We have positioned ourselves as a proximity gym and consider this to be the most important factor for the gym. We look for a family environment and an ambiance suited to the first time gym-goers,” he says. Take note, because this simple formula is adaptable to your company, and make your target aware of all this.

2. Specializing in a niche market

The generalities must be left for those fitness centers that can make million-dollar investments so that their facilities have everything for everyone: gym rooms for group classes and activities, spinning rooms, swimming pool, spa, paddle tennis courts, Crossfit area, TRX, Yoga etc. This can mean an economic disbursement that is not available to anyone. That is why we must know what our strength is – or what that could be – and focus on it, on being the best – work to achieve it – in a certain area within the vast formats of exercise routines and fitness world. It is not about having thousands of members but that those 100-300 regular users remain loyal.

Based on this, prepare the space always thinking about who will use it and how. Specialization is fundamental in this globalized world and in the field of gyms; it is one of the best ways to compete with the leading fitness chains.

3. Call to action: Free trial!

How would you show the people, who do not know you yet, that you really have what they need? And that there is nothing too less or too more? Well, with a call to try your facilities for free.

This is one of the marketing formulas for gyms, which works best. That is because most of the time we all need to see to believe, right? That personalized treatment that we presume and those who want to join a gym should check that we have the right and necessary things that they are looking for to be fit.

In the case of the leading fitness centers that we are connected to, on their website, it is one of the first outstanding messages we see. “We’ll help you get to a healthier place”, “Reach to our gym on this date and get a free 7-days pass”.

Keep an eye on these claims

Not only do they tell our potential clients that we are there to help them but they will also allow them to come to us for not a day, a few hours, but even a week to see if what we promise is really fulfilling!

We have to consider this as an investment. It will really only ‘cost’ our business time; the ‘expense’ is the time we put into our business or of the staff working in the team. The profitability of the initiative is spectacular and there is nothing to lose.

4. Online Marketing: social networks and blog with content that adds value

Being on places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram is important in the field of fitness and physical education. You have to take into account the profile of those who usually go to fitness centers, people usually with a certain initiative and internet users in a significant percentage. That is why we should not ignore these channels both for promotion and to take another step in that personalized attention, that the client perceives that we are also with him when he leaves the gym to continue supporting him to achieve his goals.

How to take this practice in our day to day work?

We have pointed out some interesting ideas for you to take into account when managing the presence in social networks of your business.

Share everyday moments in the gym

You can share photos or videos of special moments that convey the philosophy or style of your business or fitness center. This can help create a sense of belonging among those who are already part of your ‘family’ and will serve as a vitamin pill for the doubtful who do not quite believe that a place like yours exists. This audio-visual material can be published on Facebook or Instagram, or other social networks that will work best for this type of content.

Pay instant attention to complaints, doubts, questions, and suggestions

You can keep Twitter for this where you will be able to provide a solution to the needs and questions of your gym members. This does not entail any complexity because you can download the application on your mobile (if you do not already have it, which is rare nowadays) and talk to the group members or post replies from there at any time you want. Considering that you are managing a gym, it is more than feasible to attend through this channel and that the client perceives it as part of that customization in the deal that will help you to mark distances with the competition.

Contents that contribute and supplement the offline experience: We refer both to motivating messages – on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and to a YouTube channel where small tutorials or mini sessions that users can perform at home or directly in the gym can be shown.

Website and blog

Nowadays every business should have its website. It is the best showcase and an excellent cover letter if we know how to implement it. Never forget that in today’s society when we doubt something we go to the Internet and our business must be there too. It can be a simple portal where those values ​​that make you special are collected, where you can manage, for example, the free pass and with a blog in which to continue giving advice and work to motivate the client. In this case, we can advise on both soft and hard exercise formats, food and nutrition, guidelines for a healthy life where you and your gym are an important part.

5 The price factor: make it worth paying your fee

If you are reading us, it is more than likely that you are not a great company with hundreds or thousands of stores spread all over the world. However, this last lesson is very important and you will see why.

The most successful gyms and fitness clubs have managed to grow and be at the top of the sector despite having a higher cost than the rest. They expanded their businesses at a time when others were going down despite offering services at a lower cost. They asked for a price that is higher than the others but at the same time, they were able to show how they deserve this much and more than the other gyms by proving the worth of their services.

This is what we must do: It is obviously impossible to want to match the giants of this area because their rates are so low that they would hardly allow the existence of a gym with much less clientele. However, if we get this value to be more than justified, our clients will not feel it expensive and it is enough for them to come to our center and stay.

What you can do to enhance the value

  • A place where you will find the machines and the space you really need, neither more nor less; and professional trainers that meet the real needs of each person, with specific attention for each one; possibility of checking all this live and direct, in person, with a free one-week trial where you can really feel the experience that has been promised;
  • and all this at a reasonable price, because once they have lived how much insurance you are going to offer them, the cost of the monthly payment will seem more than logical.

All this seems very difficult to do but it is easy with gym management software.

We have already talked about gym management software but if you are still not sure about what it is and what you can accomplish using a gym software, check out the following points.

There are many benefits of using gym software for customer management in your fitness center or gym. Among some of the reasons why many sports businesses have already opted for such tools, are:

  • It helps you to create new memberships and profiles with less effort, for example, when someone registers, and to schedule tasks for sellers.
  • It helps you store and organize all the data of the entities with which you negotiate customers, suppliers, sales processes and much more.
  • It allows you to create an individual profile for each person or company with everything related to it: emails, messages, notes, tasks, negotiations, etc. all on a single screen that allows you to see all recent information at a glance.
  • Immediate access to analytics with data on the number of emails sent, tasks completed and queries closed by each worker.
  • Manage your conversion funnels easily using a practical and intuitive editor.

Finally, we say that these five marketing ideas for gyms are feasible for virtually any fitness business that is looking for how to improve their billing and reach their target more easily and in a better way.

It is essential that all this is part of an organized marketing plan where both offline and online actions are contemplated, since all these proposals should always be communicated to your audience, reaching those people who might be interested in what we have to offer.

Your potential users are on the internet and networks and they check mobile messages as well as advertising on social networks and digital media. Never forget that in marketing everything adds up.


Parbhat Jain is the best selling name of industry for a technological makeover of gyms with his custom-made gym CRM. He has a passion for bringing health awareness.

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