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One of the biggest concerns of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) is to keep up with the changes in evolving telecom industry. Due to the transformational nature of technology, telecom software solutions need to be changed and amended frequently. While big telcos can do that in-house, it is the small MVNOs who are at a disadvantageous position. They simply do not have the necessary budget for the task, and therefore they have to use the services of telecom billing vendors.

Partner with Evolving Telecom Billing Systems to stay Future-Safe

Regardless of an MVNO model, it has to be great at its billing. It needs to maximize the little advantage that it gets from cheaper resource acquisition from MNOs. Thus, it should have the capability to monetize services in attractive packages, in the present and in the future. Below are some necessary requirements for that:

Convergent Telecom Billing Systems

Convergence of telecom billing systems is necessary. Hence, every MVNO should invest in a real-time charging platform like OCS. It can charge based on session and events, thus giving you more room to monetize different services via a single platform.

B/OSS services

Apart from billing, the system should also come with OSS software telecom for faster provisioning of services and delivery. It should allow for quality customer service, customer self-care, revenue management, reporting and analytics.

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