Maximize Machine Output with IoT Sensor Analytics

Machines are vital for day-to-day industrial operations. As the population rises and needs increase, factories require better output from their machines. In the recent times, the IoT technology has grown leaps and bounds. The biggest advantage of IoT is that it automates industrial workflow. But a hidden advantage of IoT that hasn’t yet been fully exploited is analytics. When an IoT sensor  is integrated with analytics, it can transform simple machines into super machines.

The Advantages of Analytics in IoT Sensors in Industrial Operation

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 To understand the advantages of analytics, one has to comprehend the numerous ways an IoT sensor can prove useful. Have a look at the positive influence of IoT sensors, which can be enhanced with analytics:

Timely maintenance

Machines experience wear and tear during daily operations. An unforeseen or sudden breakdown of machinery can bring a halt to your whole operation. But with IoT sensors integrated in your daily workflow, you get constant insights about machine vibration, degradation, environmental factors etc. Access to this information allows you to predict the wear and tear in machinery with great accuracy, thus allowing you to implement preventive measures at the right time.

Load balancing

Most devices fail because they are overburdened. When a device is new, it can handle greater workload. But as it grows old, its load bearing capacity reduces. There are various other factors that lead to load balance related malfunctions. To ensure that the load maintenance is done properly, IoT sensors can play a vital role.

Operation automation

There are several operations in factories that depend on human observation and vigilance. For example, in a food preservation unit, the level of humidity and temperature is constantly checked. But it is done by humans. Although people employed for these tasks are professionals, the scope for human error is always there. But when it comes to IoT sensors, this error can be reduced greatly. For example, a temperature or humidity sensor can trigger an interrupt that automatically adjusts the thermostat or humidifier respectively. All this is done without any human involvement. Moreover, when you incorporate analytics, you are able to discover new information about such issues. Hence, you are able to form a predictive strategy that lets you address such situations in a better way, and that too without any need for human resources.

The Need for a Competent Internet of Things Connectivity Provider

In order to ensure that all your machines and sensors work appropriately, you need the services of an accomplished Internet of Things connectivity provider. A quality vendor of IoT connectivity can help you in the following ways:

Versatile and reliable IoT connectivity

Every IoT use case is different and requires different types of connectivity solutions. In some cases, you require long distance connectivity e.g. satellite or cellular connectivity. In other cases, you need broadband or LAN connectivity. And there are situations where low-power short-distance connectivity solutions are preferred. But one thing that all of these connection types require is consistency and reliability. A professional Internet of Things connectivity provider can fulfill your every requirement and help you overcome the challenges of the future.

Security of the network

As IoT sensors and devices are not controlled by humans directly, they need additional security. To prevent unauthorized breach by hackers, the IoT connection needs to be secured with robust encryption standards. On top of that, a unique public IP needs to be provided for every connection in order to maximize safety of information. The IoT platform needs to be updated regularly, for which, cutting-edge functionalities like OTT (Over the Air) firmware upgrades are necessary. All this can be made possible if you partner with an experienced and careful Internet of Things connectivity provider


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