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Finally its out! Mercedes A – class 2018 and we are happy to write about features, specifications & reviews of Mercedes A – Class 2018, and this one has arrived with latest technology in the world. Latest Mercedes benz is out and you can’t beat the quality, OMG 🙂 This car is gonna mess your mind and pocket as well.  Want to get your hands on the wheels?

Sure! lets get started

And before we empty our savings, pocket money or perhaps a car loan would help us to get this tech loaded car. But why or why not you should buy this car?

We are sure you can decide after reading these-and if we go through several teasers, previews and company statements then  we believe that the new launch would have new level of luxury and embedded with hi-tech of another level to its class.

Features, Specifications & Reviews of Mercedes A – class 2018

  • Super cool design & looks
  • Bonnet has got new looks: slopes are sharper
  • Wheel chairs are larger than ever before
  • Rear part has become wider
  • Sportier
  • More aerodynamics
  • Artificial Intelligence & hi – tech
  • Price of New Mercedes A – class : Price from:£24,000 (est)
  • More headroom, shoulder space, legroom, and easy access to rear seats
  • More stowage space in the cabin

Mercedes A- Class 2018 Full reviews

Is the Mercedes A – class 2018 a worthy Car?

The five-door A-Class is bigger in almost every respect compared with the old car, even though it sits on a modified version of its predecessor’s underpinnings. Those larger dimensions serve two purposes – firstly and most importantly, to give the car more space inside but especially in the rear, an area where the A-Class has lacked behind its key rivals in recent years, but also to enhance its aggressive looks.

Should I get the Mercedes A – class 2018 ?


How Much Does the Mercedes A – class 2018 Cost?

Price from:£24,000 (est)

Features & reviews of Mercedes A- Class 2018
Performance & Interior

Look inside 🙂 and you will never look out again, its damn classic and what you see inside?

A ground breading design & interior that includes –

  • Separate section of the dashboard
  • Pair of free standing instrument panel
  • Turbine style air vents
  • Artificial Intelligence & hi – tech
  • Each user can adjust the system
  • wide digital screen
  • Advanced & intelligent VA

Driver can control the vehicle in various ways- this can be done using voice control, touch display : 10.25 inches screen, and if you wish you can get head up display also.

Cargo Space in Mercedes A – class 2018:

Safety | Tech Reviews

The most interesting part of new Mercedes A – class 2018 is its ‘augmented reality’ navigation, which mixes the navigation info on the top of a live video image taken by front camera and can give you all info you need.


Features & reviews of Mercedes A- Class 2018

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