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German company is adding a pickup truck to its Mercedes-Benz X-class 2018 range, actually its not the direct product from the brand. As the X-class is product of company’s partner Renault-Nissan  so the pickup would be made in either Renault’s or Nissan’s plant, and this will depend on location of destination.

So this would be a sort of design and cabin which has always been missed by private drivers, and if we talk about outer looks then you can choose from 17, 18 and 19inch wheels along with flared wheel arches.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018- Pickup Truck

Its five foot long ply-load capacity of 3000 pound, depending upon the engine and other elements, X-class can tow up to 7500 pound. And the company is offering three variants of this Pickup-

  • X-class Pure: an entry level version
  • X-class Progressive: Some of luxury feature are added in it
  • X-class power:  is loaded with E-class features and styling


Inside Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018

Freestanding display of 8.4 inches, 960 x 540 display touch pad controlled, and the good thing in the X-class power is that its seats are electrically adjustable.

Electrically opening rear window.

But the bad news for US customers is that the company is not yet satisfied with X-class, so pickup will be launched first in Europe in the late November this year and then in Australia in the start of 2018, Brazil and Argentina would get it by 2019.

 Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2018 Price

As for now, in Germany you can buy Mercedes Benz X-class pickup $42k with VAT.

So it may be different from the tradition of the company’s launch but it is going to be a huge change in the market, as this launch can unavoidable vehicle for drivers who are looking for luxury in their pickups. Launch is confirmed and soon, very soon rather, people can buy the vehicle and only then we would know their feedback.


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