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Here you can check out the complete guide that tells you about the most common computer issues.

You might be wondering which are those common technical difficulties that your computer brings in front of you, here you can know about that!

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The issue of having a Blue screen of Death

One of the common PC issues, it is this Blue screen of death! Most importantly, this one is a Microsoft Windows STOP error.

If you see this error, then take it as an alarming warning sign that your hardware or driver is not working properly.

The problem of missing DLL dynamic link library files

Have you ever encountered this problem of missing DLL files? This is a standard system issue that is linked with a Windows-based operating system.

In addition, this error tells us that your DLL file is either missing or it might have got corrupted.

For the information, all those files that have their extension as “.DLL”, they are termed and named as dynamic link library files.

Applications running on the sluggish and slow mode

There are so many causes and reasons that bring up this problem of the slow and sluggish running of applications.

However, if your processing power or processing memory is infected, it means your computer applications are going to start running slow.

Beyond, if your RAM and other storage disk drives are heavily jam-packed, then there is this probability that your PC speed will no longer remain the same.

Presence of malware

Malware usually and generally damage and harm your computer systems. You need to run an anti-malware program in your PC before this software permanently damages your computer.

Certain files and folders carry this software. Its presence damages your other computer files and slows down its operations and even use lots of your PC valuable resources.

Network connectivity issues

Moving to more of the common computer issues, we have this internet connectivity problem.

This issue is common and generally arises because of lots of other pre-existing problems.

Furthermore, if your ISP is infected, then you will always face these connectivity issues.

Moreover, issues in DNS servers fail to make connections as well.

Apart from that, if there is a problem in local hardware, router, or in your computer and network software, then such an issue is generally witnessed.

The problem of having a frozen screen

A hanging or frozen computer screen is always a mess for users. This issue normally happens and occurs during the time of severe failure.

When your computer hardware or software is not working fine, then its screen may freeze or lock up.

You can solve this issue by accessing the Windows task manager and simply force-closing and shutting down the problematic application.

Issue of strange noises coming from your computer

As we all know that multiple numbers of functions take place in a single computer at the same time. For the reason that this machine is never silent.

But what about these strange noises?

It is these mechanical hard drives and also optical disk drives that usually make a distinct noise whenever they are turning on and powering up or while they are in use.

Moreover, cooling fans installed in your computer make some noise too whenever they spin themselves.

You may have noticed that graphics cards are composed of a fan and they create noise when they are turned on.


So, these are the common computer issues and major problems that we usually witness daily.

If you are experiencing some other common issues in your PC, then share that with us!

A computer is a man-made machine and it will always give errors and issues to you each day. So, dealing and handling those issues wisely is only a wise way to use this machine properly and efficiently.

You can stay tuned with us so that more awareness of such common PC issues can be given to you.

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