Most Common Types of Commercial Refrigerators

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Commercial refrigeration is an integral tool for the food business. The food is the most important asset of food businesses and keeping it in perfect condition refrigerators are required. Most of the food products are perishable and they need to be stored in a controlled atmosphere. A commercial kitchen is not complete without proper refrigeration.

The refrigeration industry has evolved and improved a lot over the years. The appliances have become more energy efficient and sophisticated over the years. Nowadays there are different types of refrigerators available in the market and you can find the ones that are perfect for the food service you are planning to run. It is important to understand the requirements of the commercial kitchen so that you can find the appliance that will help in keeping the food safely store and running efficient food service.

Here are the different types of commercial refrigerators that are available in the market.


Reach-in Refrigerators:

The most popular refrigeration option for a commercial property is the reach-in refrigerator. It has the features that will keep all the food stick safely stored as it can keep perishable food products in perfect condition.

The reach-in fridge and freezers are available in a variety of different sizes so it is not hard to find the one that is perfect for the storage needs of the kitchen. It is important that you choose the storage capacity after carefully analyzing the food needs of the business. Buying the wring size can either lead to a shortage of food or food waste and both are bad for the business

While buying the reach-in you also need to consider whether you should get a top-mounted or bottom-mounted compressor. If you are putting them away from the cooking equipment then top mounted is a good choice but if the kitchen has hot ambient temperature then the bottom-mounted compressor is the better choice.


Walk-In Coolers:

The walk-in refrigerators are a perfect choice for food businesses that have large food storage needs. These refrigerators are room-sized cold storage that makes sure that the food stock is safely stored. The walk-in refrigerators are best suited for bulk storage and are available in standard sizes. If you are having difficulty in finding the freezer room that fit the requirements of the business then there is the luxury of ordering custom configurations.

The walk-in refrigerators can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is important to avoid opening the door repeatedly so that you can avoid temperature fluctuations. You can create different zones in the walk-in appliance so that you can keep all the food safely stored at an ideal temperature.


Undercounter Refrigerators:

If a commercial kitchen is looking to create extra cold storage for food products and improve the quality of service then the under counter refrigerators are a great option. You can out the commercial under counter freezer UK and under-counter fridge under the counters or near the cash register or behind the bar.

These appliances are available in a variety of sizes as you can buy the one with a single, double, triple or four doors under counter appliances. These appliances are perfect for creating a streamlined layout that makes sure that food service operation can run without any hindrance.

The under-counter appliances are available in different designs. You can find models that come with swing doors and drawers. Choose the model that is best suited for the kitchen space.


Glass Door Refrigerators:

The refrigeration appliances are not limited to commercial kitchens as they are an essential part of every type of food business. The food businesses like a retail, bakery, grocery stores, etc. also need proper refrigeration to store and display the foods that they have to offer.

The best refrigeration options for the food business that need to put products on display are the glass door merchandisers. The glass doors make sure that the products are easily visible to the customers and they are still stored at an ideal temperature.

There are different types of glass door merchandisers available. There is glass door multideck to put different types of food products on display. The glass door merchandisers are perfect for putting the canned and bottled merchandises on display. These merchandisers are full of great features like internal lighting, adjustable shelves and the option of choosing from sliding and swing doors.

These are some common commercial refrigerators that are designed to fulfill the needs and requirements of different food businesses. Commercial refrigerators are expensive and it is essential that you understand the needs of the business before making an investment.


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