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Kenya tour is an amazing choice if you are planning. Kenya holds many remarkable attractions that include the vast savannah, snow capped mountains, wild rivers, thick forests, and untamed flock of wild animal species conserved in national parks. Kenya has two amazing things to watch and they are mount Kenya and Masai Mara wildlife conservation. Kenya safari tours are not complete without including these two attractions. 

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya, after Kilimajaro, is the tallest in Africa and situated in the eastern side of the rift valley. Similar to Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya has snow capped peaks and it has three summits that climbers stake to climb. Point Lenana at 4985 meter height is the most accessible and Batian and Nelion at 5199 and 5188 respectively are difficult for newcomers as they are highly technical climbs. The climb is always a training exercise for climbers before they attempt Kilimanjaro. Before you reach any of the summits you will experience varied climates starting with humid forests to chilly heights splattered with snowflakes. You can reach Mt Kenya by road or by plane ride from Nanyuki Airstrip. 

Masai Mara 

Masai Mara is the most important game reserves in Kenya and Africa. The game reserve should be on the top of your interest as it is deeply involved in the annual event of “The Great Migration” where some 2 million wildebeests along with zebra, eland and other herbivorous species cross over to Masai Mara Kenya, starting from Serengeti game reserve Tanzania. It is the greatest wildlife show in the world and you cannot miss it for anything because the horde of wildebeests are hotly pursued by Lions, Leopards, hyenas, Cheetahs, and the Crocodiles lurking in the Serengeti and other wild river waters. Here you can see the biggest Nile Crocodiles waiting in prey to capture one of the wildebeest or zebra and doing it successfully. The event of exodus happens from July to October and make sure that you plan your tour accordingly.


Hotel accommodation is a must because you need a place where you can come back and rest after an exciting day of Kenyan Safari. The Hemingways hotel Nairobi will be your ideal abode for the African safari as it provides 5-star comfort and amenities to guests and they would include air-conditioning, outdoor swimming pool, restaurants that serve both native and continental foods, free Wi-Fi, concierge service, and many more. you need to book your rooms early because they could be full if you come here unplanned Mount Kenya and Masai Mara. 

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