NDIS Guide For Gardeners And Cleaners

The NDIS or national disability insurance scheme has opened many opportunities for cleaning, small gardening, and home maintenance business. But it has some rules and guidelines that you should be aware of to run your business. NDIS was created to assist NDIS cleaner, gardeners, and handymen in getting paid under this scheme. 

What does the NDIS fund?

The NDIS supports if it is considered necessary and reasonable and is directly related to a personal disability. Each NDIS participant’s plan is unique, and it varies from person to person.as per rule, if they can’t perform a task like mowing the lawn and vacuuming because if the disability, then NDIS will fund it. 

Things to take into account when hiring a cleaner or a Gardner

1) Agree upon price

NDIS uses an hourly rate system for this service so that you and your service provider will need to agree on how much this is before starting the job. NDIS won’t pay any amount outside of the hourly rate, so any incidental costs will need to be built into this.

2) Set up a service agreement

Any service provider you are engaged in, it’s always a good idea to establish a service agreement with cleaner, gardener, or handyman. A service agreement is a simple written agreement that will tell how and when your service will be delivered and will protect you from any misunderstanding about the service.

NDIS prefer invoices not to be handwritten, but if you do it, then make sure that everything is clear and can’t be misinterpreted.


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