Need For Training And Development


Employees from the backbone of every organization. They are the strength of the organization that helps to attain organizational goals and objectives. Therefore, it’s very important to provide regular training and development to every employee of an organization. Proper training helps to increase the knowledge and therefore the efficiency of its employees. These improved skills enable the organization to make optimum utilization of its workforce. This in return, contributes towards the profitability of the organization.

Besides this, the increased efficiency of the employee’s, helps them to perform better and achieve their targets. Regular training, also helps the employees to update themselves and assists them in their personal growth as well. This further, increases the self-esteem and morale of the employees and motivates them to perform to the best of their ability.

Training thus provides a sense of satisfaction and achievement amongst its employees. This in return leaves the employees highly content in their job and thus decreases the probability of employee turnover. In other words, training helps to create loyal and dutiful employees. These satisfied employees through ‘word of mouth’, further help the organization to create a good image about them. Thus, training also helps to build a positive reputation for the organization in the market.

Training increases the confidence and quality of its employees. As a result, employees can perform better individually and so this decreases the need for supervision. While in the case of teamwork, training increases the compatibility to perform together as a team and thus contributes towards building a healthy working relationship between the boss and the subordinates. This further helps to build trust and confidence amongst them. Thus; training helps to build a friendly work culture within the organization.

Increased performances of individual employees contribute towards increasing, the overall productivity of the organization. This further, helps to attain the organizational goals and objectives of Training and development, thus helps in the growth and development of the organization.

Training helps to keep the organization updated concerning technical and other skills. By doing so, they remain updated in the market and this helps them to keep themselves ahead or at par with its competitors. This in return helps them in grabbing opportunities and work orders.

Since the employees at all levels are trained, there is no threat perception amongst them. Rather, training helps to build healthy relationships amongst its employees. It develops the feeling to learn from each other Pubg pc download. They help each other and thus develop a healthy team spirit within them. Training also helps to develop other management skills like decision making, team management, leadership quality, analytical thinking, problem-solving, etc in their employees. This further helps them in their professional and personal life.

However, for this we need to frame and plan correct training and development programs for our employees, keeping in mind the –

  • organizational goal and objectives,
  • strengths and weakness of our organization
  • present market need and market trend
  • our customer base
  • nature of our customer
  • all details of our competitors etc


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