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Node JS is a runtime environment which uses JavaScript to write command line tools and for server-side scripting. PHP means ‘hypertext preprocessor’, a general-purpose scripting language especially for web development.

So, which is the best for beginners?

Let’s discuss and compare some points between both:

  • Release date:
    Node JS is recently developed while PHP is there since we have known web. It has Google console and server client architecture nicely integrated with it. Integrating them with PHP is possible but it’s trickier. Checkout the best enterprise app development company.
  • Community:
    Node JS and PHP is used by large number of people. But still, internet is more dominant with articles, tutorials etc. about PHP. Yet, communities using both are almost equal.
  • Product:
    If you are designing a simple product like a technical blog then PHP would be a good option. But, if you are creating a complex product wherein you will be throwing API on web, iOS, Android then Node JS is a better choice.
  • Production:
    Hosting in PHP is cheaper and easier due to websites like GoDaddy, Blue Host etc. On the contrary, hosting in Node Js requires extra skill set and need to be comfortable working on command lines.
  • Trend:
    Node JS is easier to use and trending more due to Java Script also. Checkout the best enterprise app development company.

Now, we had a good discussion and comparison about Node JS and PHP. It is evident that both of them are good in their own way. It depends on your project and its requirement to choose Node JS and PHP. Beginners, hope this was helpful for you all!

Elementor and WP Bakery are WordPress plugins used for website page building. But which is a better one? Let’s compare both the plugins on some criteria and see which is better:

  • User Interface:
    Elementor’s user interface has sidebar from where you can drag and drop the required element. WP Bakery has a ‘plus’ sign which shows the elements it has after clicking on it.
  • Inline Editing Functionality:
    Activate the inline editing feature to easily and quickly make the changes in Elementor, but in WP Bakery all edits are done in pop-up. Checkout the best ipad app development company.
  • Overall Editing Experience:
    For frontend editing, Elementor is a better choice and for backend editing, WP Bakery is more efficient.
  • Available Elements:
    Elementor’s Pro version and WP Bakery has 50+ elements for website designing. But, WP Bakery page builder’s add-on community has over 200+ additional elements to use.
  • Styling Options:
    Elementor’s styling selection is categorized by ‘style’ and ‘advanced’. WP Bakery’s style selections are more complex.
  • Templates:
    Elementor has over 120 templates and WP Bakery provides over 85 templates. Both plugins have equally good templates.
  • Theme Builder:
    Elementor comes with ‘theme builder’ feature which enables editing of headers and footers. In order to activate ‘theme builder’ feature in WP Bakery, you need to install and activate Visual Composer Website Builder “brother” plugin.
  • Unique Features:
    Elementor always comes up with unique features like ‘Embed Anywhere’ and ‘Global Widget’ feature. WP Bakery has a unique feature like ‘Role Manager’ function.

We compared Elementor and WP Bakery just now and noticed that both have their pros and cons. It depends on which website page builder you are comfortable working with and which plugin meets your requirements. Choose the plugin accordingly and create an amazing website!

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