Office registration and registered agents under coworking spaces

Without registration of offices under co-working spaces, it might be difficult to handle legal issues. It is possible to enjoy plenty of benefits with the registered office. With changes in co-working work culture, it is possible to eliminate the gap between employees. Getting office registration under coworking spaces bangalore makes it is an easy affair compared to the sole proprietorship.

How are co-working spaces beneficial? 

The increasing popularity of this work culture benefits both small and startup companies. By blend of various companies and ideas, effective results are seen in this co-working culture. One of the important benefits of adopting a coworking space is that people do not have to take the load of expenses involved in a private office space.

For registration of the co-working space, you can hire a registration agent who can help to go through the registration procedure. If you have just opened your startup, it is better to seek help from agents. The shortcomings of the co-working space can be eliminated with the proper assistance of the registered agent.

Reasons why the registered agent is helpful

The registration agent should be an experienced one so that the person can help you appropriately.

Registration helps maintain the confidentiality of workspace

Working in a shared workspace means client visit will be visible to other companies sharing the same workspace. The factor of visibility by other companies is considered a drawback. To preserve the privacy policy of the company, you can seek help from a registered agent. Also, an additional address will be given where the legal correspondence will be available. Therefore, in this way, it will be possible to maintain the confidential affair of the company.

Registration helps to work in a flexible schedule

Companies which are part of coworking space enjoy the freedom of setting their own work hours. In such cases, it may not work within the 8 to 5 working hours. But with the help of the registration agent, you can choose preferred hours without missing out any legal deliveries within the office hours.

Possibility of maintaining a large workforce without the problem of paying extra

This is another advantage of getting your company registered under the co-working space. For the traditional offices, it may not have been possible to maintain a large workforce. But in the case of coworking space, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a large workforce. You need not have to pay anything extra to maintain a large workforce.

How registered offices operate in coworking spaces?

The registered office can be run at home, at office space or at a coworking space. The main requirement is that the company’s registered address should be a permanent one. Having a temporary one might bring in certain problems when going through any legal procedures. When running your registered office in any co-working space, you have to certain rules and produce the following documents.

  • Rental agreement – It should be negotiated between the company owner and the owner of the building. Here, the coworking space agreement is completely different from that of the rental agreement.
  • Utility bill of past months – This bill is required when opting for your company registration under coworking space. In addition, the bill is also required to open a bank account and avail related services.
  • Non-Objection Certificate from the owner – This document is required from the owner of coworking space or the owner of the property. On the basis of this permission, the office can be registered.

However, the extensive network opportunity of coworking space eases the process of any company registration in coworking work culture. The process seems to be an easy one when it is operated under co-working space.

The registration process can be inexpensive in a coworking space

The registration process along with running a company under a co-working space is an expensive affair. Other than starting the office, it is also important to go through a company registered. Since the coworking space is already a registered one, it will be easy for you to get your company registered under the same. You need not worry about setting up the office and look after its interior set up or security. You only get to know about the commonplace amount that you have to pay for renting the workspace.

The final part

Therefore, getting your company registered under a sole proprietorship can be a difficult and time-consuming one. Whereas, getting your company registered under coworking space is an easy affair. The procedure can be carried out easily with the assistance of an experienced agent who knows well about the condition of the co-working workspace.


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