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Pakistan Entry Requirements for Foreigners

by PhoebeLambert

When we are travelling to any country it is best to do dome research on the basic laws and regulations for any country you are planning to travel to. It can be very hazardous for any person if he/she faces any problem after reaching the borders of a particular country. It is always advisable to take account of all the basic necessities that are required by the foreign country embassy.

In this article we will discuss all the basic requirements that are essential for any passenger who is planning to travel towards in any specific country, mainly we will discuss the basic requirements that are essential while travelling to Pakistan.

The country which you are travelling to is fully responsible for setting up a few rules and regulations for all the foreigners that are planning to visit the country. If you are not fully aware of the basic necessities then it is most probably advised to visit the nearest embassy or commissioner office so that you don’t have to face any difficulty while visiting any foreign land and especially Pakistan.

Covid Testing

As we all know that the whole world is suffering from a pandemic and Pakistan is also affected by this deadly virus, Pakistan has temporarily blocked all the leading borders with Afghanistan and Iran for all the tourists and any person or team who has to enter in the territory has to go through the Covid test and if they are safe they are allowed to enter the country for a specific period of time.

Health Requirements

All the passengers are bound to present their health certificates in which it is clearly stated that they are negative tested for the Covid if any person is found defected he/she is not at all allowed to enter the country’s borders. All the passengers are advised to present their test reports before their entry in Pakistan.

Entry Requirements

There are several entry and travelling requirements for any foreigner travelling to Pakistan which mainly include:

Visa: All the passengers if they are travelling from UK and have a British passport or from any other country need to have a visa, all the violation against visa application will be considered as a criminal offence against the passenger.

Passport: Your passport should be renewed at the time of travel and should be valid for at least six months period for any visa application.

NICOP:  A passenger who holds the identity as a Pakistani, travelling from London to Islamabad PIA as an identified holder of the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani can never stay in Pakistan for a long period of time and cannot enter the country for free.

Yellow Fever Certificate

You also need to visit the doctor to see whether you need the yellow certificate for fever before travelling or not, it is best to get you checked before travelling to any foreign country. You can get checked by visiting the National Travel Health Network Centre.

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