Pakistan’s Marine Economy Find Out Way during COVID-19

Pakistan’s international container terminal provides a connection from sea vessels to the road and vice versa. The vessels arrived at the ports in Pakistan carrying trade and scrap metals. The scrap usually collects at ports such as Karachi. In developing countries like Pakistan, this scrap is later on recycled or auctioned. PICT working with Wan Hai vessels allows us the facility to track vessels carrying your shipment. Pakistan’s marine economy has affected due to this pandemic.

Effect of COVID-19

Protection from COVID-19 has become a priority to everyone including the coast guard. We have heard this lot but times have changed. Something’s changed for the better however other things that changed are drastic. Effecting out the economy and not for the better. Due to the negative effect, the current pandemic has had on Pakistan’s economy. Trade is crucial to the economic recovery of Pakistan. 90% of the world’s cargo ships via sea; this includes imports and exports as well.

The fall of the economy raised a lot of questions. People who’re living depended on at port work like engineers, fishermen, etc. For them, it became a matter of life and death. The ports have closed for longer than they had been. It would have caused long term damage to Pakistan’s already weak economy. The decision to reopen trade has made but it came with a lot of restrictions. Since working in trade makes you very vulnerable to the virus.

Pakistan's Marine Economy During Pandemic
Pakistan’s Marine Economy During Pandemic

The marine economy, however, does not only has to do with trade. It also refers to fishing done at ports, but this also affected the economy as well. Since it is a part of the revenue generated nationwide. Recently however china has started importing frozen fish from Pakistan via road containers. This has benefited us however caused a shortage of food for us. This is also one of the reasons to open ports again.

The Solution Being Worked Towards

The government understands these reasons and it’s a no-brainer that people need food and jobs to earn money and survive. Finding a way for the economy to survive is safety, safety for the people working there. Safety for the cargo, safety for the people who are receiving whatever is leaving the vessel. The ships arrive at Karachi port requires to clear by the port health authority. The crew members of the ship would test for COVID-19 at the arrival of the ship. The ships will be allowed after they are given a pratique.

The port health officer and staff will have the duty. To make sure that all persons working are clear of the pandemic. Social distancing is to be practiced and people who are outside especially the ones working dealing with the imports. This field of work does make you more exposed to the virus, gloves and masks are a necessity. In some cases, hazmat suits are even recommended. Generating stable revenue is vital at this time, not only for the economy of Pakistan. Also for humanity in Pakistan as well.