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What can I give instead of pay stubs?


Pay stubs are extremely crucial when you’re trying to show your proof of income. However, many people believe that if there’s no proof of income, that is the pay stub, they will be left stranded. Well, that’s not true.


What is a proof of income?

Proof of income is the document that you submit for verifying your income amount. This can often be for your recent order or consistency. Most of the landlords and leasing companies will ask for your pay stub to get proof of employment. However, it is necessary to make a record of lending agreements and contracts to get hold of it.


The proof of income will play an important role in helping you get personal and auto loans. Furthermore, it will also play an important role in getting taxes and finances. If you are applying for income, you need to manage your transactions. Furthermore, it is also crucial to understand how your personal finances can be saved.


Is a pay stub the only proof of income?

One of the most common misconceptions that people have in today’s time is that sample pay stub is the only proof of income. However, it is not. The lenders and landlords may need you to show your proof of income. This may often be for a very short period.


Before submitting your proof of income, you need to understand how it will impact you. It is necessary to get the normal income account. Moreover, if you do not have any accurate information, you will need to wait for it.


What are the other things to give?

If your landlord or lender is asking for a proof of income you need to submit all necessary documents. Here are some of the common alternatives for a online check stubs.


  • Bank statement

Your bank statement is one of the most prominent options for getting proof. With the help of a bank statement, you will be able to show proof of money coming in and going out every month. The bank account statement plays an important role in understanding the outstanding amount in your account. Moreover, it also gives an understanding of how good you are with managing your money.


  • Tax returns

Your tax returns are a great way for managing money. It provides an insight into how stable your business has been. Experts recommend turning the tax return into pay stubs if you do not have proof of income. These tax returns act as reliable sources. Hence, make sure to stick to it.


  • Business Records

If you own a business and are self-employed, you can show the consistency in your income. The bank records help to maintain transactions for a month. Therefore, it is necessary to manage your money.


Your current employer is responsible for providing you the pay stub creator. However, if they aren’t available, it is necessary to check about the other things you can submit as proof of income. Rather than faking your pay stub and earning mode, it will be helpful if you submit genuine and reliable modes of earning. Thus, make sure to submit genuine source or proof of income.


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