PCP Car Deals UK: Myriad Options For Car Finance!


To the car finance options, while thinking of buying a new or used car you are then going to have a serious thought. If you are to find the best deal for your circumstances then you need to know all you can about the particular loan which you are considering while you do have plenty of choices.

They will give you the information which is required and then help you to find the cheapest finance deal is be going online with a specialist for PCP car deals UK.

In terms of PCP finance UK, personal contract purchase or PCP is a very popular choice. The low repayments each month and the flexibility which it has to offer is what it is due to.

You will pay a deposit and then fixed monthly repayments over a period of time when taking out this option for buying your car. To have the options of paying off what is left on the balance which is normally quite a large sum of money which is called ‘balloon payment’ or returning the car and paying nothing more after the term is up to you.

Understanding PCP car deals UK

Another popular car finance option is the hire purchase. You take out a loan and pay off the loan over a period of time with this option. You can now own the car once the loan is paid off.

How long you take the borrowing over and how much the car costs is on which the monthly repayment will be determined by how much deposit you are willing to pay.

Lease Purchase Finance or PCP Lease Deals

To consider which can be a good option for your expensive car as there is also the lease purchase finance options for the PCP lease deals. At the end of the finance agreement, you cannot return the car and have to be able to pay off the balance which is left owing as the option works which is very similar to the personal contract purchase.

The balance can be paid off at any time during the finance agreement as this type of finance agreement is usually taken over a period of 2 to 4 years.

Here you can also take out the personal loan. You may be able to negotiate a good deal while buying from an individual or car dealership as this puts in you in the position of being equivalent to a cash buyer. You can also own the car outright from the moment you pay for it is what it also means.

To secure you the best deal or interest rates possible on any borrowing, you can use a specialist car finance website to search within the car loans marketplace on your behalf. It is imperative that you read and understand the terms and conditions of any finance deal which you are considering going for before signing up for it for any quotes given should come with the key facts of the loan.

Benefits of Car Lease Deals

The ultimate status symbol is considered through owning a car. With the economy the way is these days there is a new breed of buyers who are ready to save his hard hand cash and lease his next vehicle as it used to be considered that buying a car was a great option.

Along with the benefit of having a new car, the car lease deals were used to be thought of as business options were you could offset your tax. An average person can look into the benefits of the PCP deals.

There are three main things for the benefits of PCP leasing versus the standard car leasing:

  • At a fixed price, having the option to buy the car at the end of the contract.
  • At the end of the contract, having the option to part exchange your vehicle.
  • Leasing a brand new car in exchange and giving your vehicle back.

It is not the case for the contract hire as the price also includes VT. With people realizing that leasing a car is a smart option in this competitive world in which we live in as leasing a car is also considered normal practice in a lot of countries.

As it will be a cheaper option to buy, buying an old car may seem to be a safer option. Any saving that you made on buying the older vehicle, one large bill can completely wipe it out. You will not have any service or repair bills to pay for as it is all included in the cost of your monthly payment if you go for a PCP with maintenance included.

Getting the best deal offsets the cost of buying the next new one as depreciation is the biggest single cost of new car ownership. What you get when you sell is the amount of money which you have lost in depreciation is what the difference between what you paid for the new car is.


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