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Phrozen Launches the New High-performance Resin 3D Printer

High-performance Resin 3D Printer: The Taiwanese company Phrozen has released a high-performance 3D printer Sonic XL with increased build volume and 4K resolution, which utilizes the technology of LCD mask stereolithography (MSLA or LCD-SLA).

Phrozen replenishes its lineup of 3D-printers with increased build volume. At the end of 2018, the company released Transform – an unusually large-format device with interchangeable matrices, which accepts one large or two smaller modules.

It was followed by the “extra-large” (XL) version of the Shuffle 3D printer, and now it’s time to do the same with the Sonic line. For clarity, the Sonic line is being launched in parallel with the flagship Shuffle line, and its main features are increased productivity and, predictably, the cost of equipment. This lineup can be considered professional.

Sonic XL is thus positioned as a higher-performance analogue of the Shuffle XL. The main feature is the use of a monochrome LCD-screen with the 4K resolution. Due to more efficient light transmission and, apparently, more powerful LED backlighting, the system is supposedly capable of building parts at speeds of up to 200 mm / h along the Z-axis vs 20 mm / h by Shuffle XL. The developers claim that the matrices withstand about two thousand hours of operation. Illumination is carried out by a LED array with the rectification of light – ParaLED of the third generation.

The 4K version is the third model in the Phrozen’s Sonic lineup, and characteristically, it is capable of incredibly fast cure times, while maintaining the highest quality of layers. The company claims that the device will be capable of curing 50-micron layers of resin in just one second.

The system is designed to work with resins optimized for UV illumination with a wavelength of 405 nm, the resolution is 50 microns versus 74 in Shuffle XL. The build volume is identical to the flagship counterpart – 190x120x200 mm. In standard Sonic this figure reaches 120x68x170 mm. The on-board interface consists of a five-inch color touch screen, data transfer is possible via USB, microSD, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi. The kit includes a license for proprietary software – the Phrozen 3D slicer.

Check the specifications of the new model here:

Print volume: 190 x 120 x 200mm
Print speed: 200mm/s
LCD: 4K monochrome
XY resolution: 50 microns
LED array: ParaLED 3.0
Connectivity: USB, microSD, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
PrinterOS: Phrozen OS
Slicer: Phrozen 3D
Z resolution: 10 – 300 microns
Z axis: Dual linear rail with ball screw
Body dimensions: 290 x 330 x 470mm
Body weight: 19.5kg

The selling price of the new device is $ 2,249. For comparison, Shuffle XL is offered for $ 1,025.

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