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Everything You Need To Know To Plan a Wedding in Udaipur

Udaipur a beautiful romantic lake city. Planning a wedding will be the best choice. But I think before planning a wedding in Udaipur you should know about it. Here is everything you need to know to plan a destination wedding in Udaipur.

wedding in Udaipur

Why choose Udaipur for your dream wedding?

Imagine getting married like an empire – around the magnificent fortress and royal palaces, surrounded by lakes where sparkling water like pearls? Well, that’s all you get in Udaipur! The city is one of India’s most popular wedding destinations, and rightly so! If you have dreamed of getting married like a princess, then you cannot come close to this dream of getting married in Udaipur. Get married in an island palace, in the middle of a lake, or in a lakeside fort with stunning sunsets, or in a five-star luxury hotel – whatever your preference, Udaipur has something for it all. The world!

Have you ever thought about a destination wedding in Udaipur? What is the first city in India that comes to your mind? I am sure it is the city of lakes, Udaipur. Getting married in a palace with the Aravalli overlooking your hall and a lake in the background is every girl’s dream. Also known as the Venice of the East, Udaipur can easily lend a touch of royalty to any wedding celebration. No matter what location you choose for your nuptials, there’s a good chance you can get a Lakeview. After all, having natural beauty as a backdrop, while you take your Satphere, is like adding an extra dream quotient to the whole celebration!

Cost of a Wedding in Udaipur

Whenever you are deciding on a destination wedding, there are three things that are most important: the number of guests, the number of days, and the number of receptions. For a wedding in Udaipur, the budget is between 30 and 60 lakhs. Usually, you need a minimum budget of around 30-60 lakhs to organize a destination dream wedding in Udaipur for a guest list of around 150 people where the celebration lasts for 3 days. However, this mainly depends on the following factors:

Location: First, you need to decide whether you want to host the function and welcome the guests to the same location or not. In the event that it is not possible to accommodate guests at the reception venue, book a hotel near the venue. There are a variety of luxury hotels for a big party as well as budget hotels for an intimate gathering.

The number of days: Usually, for any destination wedding, functions last about 3 to 4 days. It is advisable to wrap up events in 2-3 days if you do not want your wedding budget to increase significantly.

Guest List: People usually don’t have a huge guest list when hosting a destination wedding. Only close family members and friends are invited to such a celebration, and the guest list does not exceed 150-200 people.

Of course, there are dozens of other factors that can help set your wedding budgets such as photographers, makeup artists, entertainment, and hotel transportation from the hotel. The showcase on LuxuryMyWedding has a list of wedding vendors in Udaipur who will help you find vendors from across the country. If you want to book from local suppliers, you can do your research from the comfort of your home and book LuxuryMyWedding from our portal.

What are the best venues for a wedding in Udaipur?

There are various luxury and budget options in Udaipur which are listed on LuxuryMyWedding. You can filter them in terms of a guest list, type of venue, preferred space, and average ratings to choose them and finalize them according to your needs. Luxury hotels such as:

  • Oberoi Udaivilas
  • Jagmandir Island Palace and
  • Radisson Blu

Among other things are the extraordinary choices to plan a luxury ceremony and on the other hand, there are many hotels in the budget like Chunda Palace, Labh Gar Resort to organize intimate weddings. If you want to know more about planning a wedding in Udaipur, call the best destination wedding planners in Udaipur.

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